Jon Fenton

Product Create/Edit Page Design Feedback

Blog Post created by Jon Fenton Administrator on Aug 6, 2019

We're excited to be working on an all-new version of the listing and program create/edit page. As with all of our UI rewrites, our goal is to be streamlining the design and leveraging our awesome library of InstructureUI components. We also hope to make the page generally more user friendly, more accessible to keyboard users, and more functional.


We've got a few light feature improvements planned for that page. First, we're adding an out-of-the-box way to remove the "free" banner from listings that don't have a cost. Second, a new tag component should squash some of the current tag issues we've been seeing. And third, we're going to be using an all-new rich content editor with improved functionality. It's also much more accessible. Speaking of accessibility, all the new components that we're using are designed to be keyboard friendly. We'll also be moving the save button to a sticky footer, making it easier for keyboard only users to save a listing. And, last but not least, a new field to add alternate text to listing images will help make Catalog listings more screenreader friendly. 


This rewrite will bring us one step closer to being a fully React application. It also provides us with an opportunity to update the look and feel of the page, and this is where we need your help. One of our amazing designers took a pass at reimagining the page and we'd love to hear what you think. The page is broken up by fields that are reflected on the course card (like the image and description) and then course settings that are behind the scenes (like the path).


Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments!