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Gregory Beyrer
The student-version of the 10 steps to getting started with Canvas was in response to our faculty asking for resources to share with their students. In the end, this was one of our most popular training resources. We invite you to download and adapt our version to meet your campus’ needs! Attached are both an EPS (editable) and a PDF version of… (Show more)
Gregory Beyrer
A curated list of CanvasLMS Community and Open Source contributions. Inspired by GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome: Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics (   For more information see CanvasLMS Awesome List Contributions changelog Contents CanvasLMS Canvas Admin Canvas Instructor Instructional Design Canvas Mobile Canvas… (Show more)
Gregory Beyrer
There should be a "Next" and "Previous" button in Quizzes like there is for regular quizzes, assignments, pages, etc. When a student is in the flow within a module, they are able to advance through the module by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page (quiz, assignment, etc.). But when is in the module they are… (Show more)
Sarah Phinney
Have you ever had this happen, or have you supported instructors who have had this happen? SCENARIO: An instructor makes a page, let's say a module overview page, and then links to this page from a custom Home page. While developing the course, the instructor changes the title of the module overview page. This breaks the link to that module… (Show more)
in CCC Canvas Home Base
Michelle Pilati Corselli
Summary Canvas discussions would be greatly improved if threading was more distinct and posts had a distinct subject line. Describe your idea While I suspect most everyone installed the code that was made available to improve the visual distinction of new threads, it's really a poor replacement for really making threading clearer. And the fact… (Show more)
in CCC Canvas Home Base
Dave Stephens
Hi all,   This one is for the future development of the updated Rich Content Editor (RCE) Priority: RCE   Would it be possible to include a LONGDESC option for any images/diagrams within the RCE? This would more strongly meet the accessibility requirements but will also align with universal design. Secondary to that, it could also offer more… (Show more)
Gregory Beyrer
The home pages are a critical part of any course as they offer students guidance on where to begin when they first log in to a course. For many of our faculty, these pages serve a very specific purpose during the beginning of the semester, but, once students have familiarized themselves with the content of the course, the content on this page is… (Show more)
Gregory Beyrer
Once an item is created, it is currently impossible to change the type without recreating the item type. For example, there is no way possible to change an assignment to a discussion post.   It is very time-consuming when creating and improving previous courses. 
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