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There are two Instructure blog posts relating to data, analytics, and privacy concerns that we would like to share with the CCMS Home Group. The first is a July 2019 blog post from Instructure CEO Jared Stein, titled Power to the People with Canvas Data an Analytics (Can You Dig It?)The second blog post, also from July 2019, is authored by Instructure CLO Matt Kaminger, titled Our Foundation of Privacy


I viewed a wonderful webinar by Dayamudra and @ONE on October 25th and thought I might be able to help with the Canvas integration of Flipgrid. I have never used Flipgrid, but it is an awesome tool for us to use with our students, particularly if we want to have a personal academic connection.


Here please find my "Quick Clip" on how to integrate Flipgrid into your Canvas course. I hope it helps.




Unlisted, but here is the link in case you need it.

Much to my surprise several of my faculty have been Creating a Navigation Pill and not having trouble with dipping into the HTML for this purpose. This encouraged me to find another relatively simple way to spruce up the content, and using the style to enhance the appearance of tabular data is the result:


PDF: Data Table Facelift in Canvas

Video: Data Table Facelift in Canvas


Bottom line is to hop into the HTML editor, and add this to the table tag:

 class=”ic-Table ic-Table–hover-row ic-Table–striped”


Of course I also used this as a soapbox to stress not using tables for page layout, and the importance of setting headers in a data table.

As you add more files to your course, you may have to spend more and more time sifting through a clump of disorganized files in order to find and edit or replace the exact file you want. This inconvenience can easily be prevented by creating a logical file structure in your course "Files" folder.


I thought I share this here for anyone who likes to keep things tidy in their course design.

Talking with a professor about migrating her content from Blackboard into Canvas, and she wanted to know how to time restrict a page within Canvas, similar to the way she had been time restricting an Item in a Blackboard content area.


However moving the information into a separate module with date restrictions was not workable. So here's what else I was able to turn up on controlling content in Canvas based on date and time.



No video for this one, because there just plain wasn't a narrative that made sense.


Turns out that having a date restricted Discussion in a module has an interesting side effect.

So, a function from the latest update of production that I'm particularly excited about, it is possible to augment the course card from being a big block of color into a color overlay on top of an image of the teacher's choice.

I'm really liking the way a simple image can draw attention to the course, all the way from the Dashboard screen.

David Gray


Posted by David Gray Jul 6, 2016

Doubtless I was the only one unaware of this totally undocumented function in Canvas, but just in case not...



Checked with the Instructure folks, and they said Undelete has been around since Canvas first started, though it is not officially supported. But... it's just SO potentially useful!


Zero technical skills required. (Well, you have to be able to type "/undelete" in the browser address bar.)

David Gray

Creating a Navigation Pill

Posted by David Gray Jun 14, 2016

I was looking for a quick and easy (read: low technical skills required) way to allow my faculty to populate Pages with a navigation menu. Something that would be somewhat graphical in appearance, but without requiring any graphic skills whatsoever.


I actually found a solution, and wanted to share:


Naturally there are lots of ways to spice up a Pill with CSS, but that quickly stops being "quick and easy."

Have you checked out @ONE's curated Youtube playlists of existing (non-inclusive) @ONE videos? In addition to covering helpful topics, these playlists help faculty to align with the OEI (Online Education Initiative) rubric.


@ONE has put together the playlist below to assist instructors in Canvas interaction and collaboration, particularly in the area of interaction logistics. The playlist contains great videos on the following topics:


  • Canvas: How to Send a Message From the Gradebook
  • Canvas: How to Schedule an Announcement
  • Webinar - Online Discussion Board Best Practices
  • Webinar - All a'Twitter about Tweets for Teaching
  • Webinar - Discussion Board Best Practices
  • Webinar - Canvas: the CMS for Multimedia and Connecting with Your Students
  • Webinar - Is my Instructor there for me? A Study of Reflective Practice
  • Canvas: How to Send a Message to Students from Inbox




View The Youtube Playlist Now - Canvas Interaction & Collaboration - Interaction Logistics

Are you familiar with @ONE's curated Youtube playlists? @ONE has created groups of videos with with existing (non-inclusive) @ONE videos for targeted subject matter.


The playlist below is a collection of videos designed to assist instructors in the area of interaction and collaboration, specifically in developing a learning community. Each of these videos will also help you ensure that your course is aligned with the OEI (Online Education Initiative) rubric.


This playlist contains helpful videos on the following topics:


  • Center Hangout - Stories from CCC Connected Educators How Social Media Has Improved My Teaching
  • Center Hangout - Engaging Students with Twitter-based Learning
  • Webinar - Online Discussion Board Best Practices
  • Webinar - Using Google+ in Education
  • Webinar- Online Collaborative Groups
  • Webinar: Building Community Online, Part 4: Collaborating Beyond Text
  • Webinar - All a'Twitter about Tweets for Teaching
  • Webinar - Blogging and Best Practices in Online Teaching
  • Webinar - Integrating Social Media Management in Your Classroom
  • Webinar - Building Community Online, Part 5: Social Networking


Check them out now!


Playlist - Interaction & Collaboration: Development of Learning Community

Are you looking for ways to improve your course interaction and collaboration?


@ONE's has taken the time to collect multiple videos to assist instructors in this area, and ensure that they are in line with the OEI (Online Education Initiative) rubric. They have created a curated Youtube playlist with existing (non-inclusive) @ONE videos below.


The Youtube playlist contains helpful videos on the following topics:



Watch them all now at the link below!


Youtube Playlist - Interaction & Collaboration: Communication Strategies

Have you taken advantage of @ONE's curated Youtube playlists? These playlists are a collection of existing (non-inclusive) @ONE videos to help faculty align with the OEI (Online Education Initiative) rubric.


The playlist below is a collection of videos created to assist instructors in Learner Engagement. The playlist contains some great videos on the following topics:


  • Sample Online Learning Activities
  • Center Hangout - Supersize the Sweet Spot of Online Learning
  • Center Hangout - Active Learning with Google Drive
  • Webinar - How To Integrate Facebook into your Teaching
  • Webinar- Engaging Millennial Students with Fun Tech: Games
  • Webinar- Engaging Millennial Students with Fun Tech: Jing
  • Webinar- Engaging Millennial Students with Fun Tech: Learning with Comics
  • Webinar - Visual Thinking: Put Brainstorming on Steroids with MindMapping
  • Webinar - Online Math Games and Resources


Check them out now below!


Watch Now: @ONE Video Playlist - Course Design: Learner Engagement

Are you interested in learning how to best utilize the Announcements and Discussion tools in your Canvas course?


In the video below, Gregory Beyrer discusses at length his best practices in @ONE's CCC Canvas Call. In his lecture, he focusses on the following topics:


  • Two uses of the same tool
    • Announcements for course news
    • Discussion and the democratized discourse
  • Course setting options
  • Announcements
  • Discussion -- Options
  • Discussion -- Grading
  • Podcasting with either tool


Take a look!


Watch Now: Announcements and Discussion (Video)

Are you new to Canvas, or want to brush up on your Canvas navigation skills?


Below are a few videos that are great for anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with how to navigate through Canvas. The first video is a general overview of Canvas navigation. The following three videos are specific to @ONE's Online Standards and Practices course, Intro to Teaching Canvas course, and Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning course. Even if you are not enrolled in these courses, viewing these videos is a great way to get to know how Canvas courses are typically structured.


Check them out below!


Watch Videos Now -

Are you familiar with Canvas Commons? It is Canvas' LOR (learning object repository). Unlike many underutilized LOR's, Canvas has created a simple and easy to use repository to encourage continued use and participation.


In the first video below, Instructure's VP of Research & Education, Jared Stein, walks us through Canvas Commons and explains what Canvas has done to improve this method of sharing resources.


After the first video link, I've included another quick video, created by @ONE, which demonstrates how to share your own resources to Canvas Commons. Take a look!


Watch Now -


How Do I Share Resources To the Commons? (Video)