Joe Perret

KISS - or we may ruin Canvas

Blog Post created by Joe Perret on Oct 26, 2015

Hi all,

I am new here, but I wanted to share with you a concern I have. We chose Canvas for several key reasons, one of which was its simplicity. I am looking over the wish list of feature add and it scares me. Most of us are coming from Blackboard and Moodle, but of which do wonderful things, but are complex. If we try to duplicate what we have we may ruin a main attraction of Canvas.


We and Canvas have to ask ourselves the hard questions of "do we really need this?" Anything is possible, but at what cost to ease of use?


Most of the Canvas users on our campuses will be basic feature users. If they don't need it, why do we want it. Obviously if there are Accessibility issues, they need to be addressed. We should be designing our Canvas implementation for the 80% of the users, not us 20 % power users