Create Buttons With Icons in Canvas

Blog Post created by on Nov 25, 2015

Buttons with icons are a great way to add supplemental navigation links to your Canvas course that are visually appealing and easy for students to find. Although this is done in Canvas using CSS, you can create them with minimal CSS knowledge.

In the video below, the narrator will be referring to a Canvas guide. This guide has HTML code you can simply copy and paste as needed. You can access this guide at the following link:


Canvas Guide -


Although students have the default Canvas navigation menu in their courses, adding buttons with icons on your homepage can make it even easier for students to visit a page, or a tool that you want to give special attention to, or that they may have to access frequently. This could include buttons for Announcements, a Syllabus, Modules, etc.


The following video will walk you through creating buttons with icons in your Canvas course!


Video -