Online Course Usability - 10 Ways to Kick It up a Notch (Webinar)

Blog Post created by on Apr 19, 2016

This webinar discusses 10 ways to kick your online course usability up a notch!


It is part of a five-part webinar series called Taking a Closer Look at Accessibility. The video seminar is brought to you by @ONE, in partnership with the Online Education Initiative, and presented by Rochelle Mojica and Katie Palacios. The topics covered include:


  • Write For The Web
  • Chunked and Sequences Content
  • Variety of Content
  • Students Contribute Content
  • Learner-Centered Content
  • Clear Expectations
  • Student-Student Interaction
  • Feedback & Revisions
  • Tool Accommodations
  • Support, Support, Support


Watch Now: @ONE Webinar: Online Course Usability, 10 Ways to Kick It up a Notch