Using Video To Boost Online Instructor Presence (Video)

Blog Post created by on Apr 23, 2016

In this video presentation titled, "How to Make Distant Education Less Distant: Using Video to Boost Instructor Presence", Southwestern College Composition and Literature Instructor, Tracy Schaelen, explains how she utilizes videos in her online classroom. Topics discussed included:


  • Why Make Videos
  • Uses For Video
    • Website Greeting
    • Video Tour of the Course
    • Intro to a New Unit
    • Video Announcement
    • Video Feedback on Student Work
  • How Students Respond to Videos
  • Recording Tools


Video Introduction -

Students love the convenience and in-depth learning online education offers, but they often report that they miss the human element—the conversations and sense of community that develop in a traditional classroom. Communicating through video is a powerful way to put yourself into the virtual classroom with your students, to help them see you as a real person rather than a computer program. Recording videos for your students can reduce their anxiety, increase participation, and help learners feel more connected to their instructor. And it’s fun! In this webinar, we will discuss how to infuse video into an online class, strategies for video creation, and specific steps for getting started.


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