Course - Effective Instructional Videos

Blog Post created by on Apr 23, 2016

In this video, presenter, Donna Eyestone, gives us a sneak peak of @ONE's Making Effective Instructional Videos self-paced course. She guides us through the first couple Modules of the course covering the following topics:


Module One - Preparing For And Recording Your Video Clips

  • The Power of Video
  • Our Process
  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting
  • Getting Your Accounts Ready
  • Recording Your Computer Screen
  • Recording Yourself With A Web Camera


Module Two - Editing Your Clips Into A Polished Movie

  • The Power of Editing
  • Create Your YouTUbe Project
  • Trim Your Clips
  • Titles And Credits
  • Transitions
  • Still Pictures
  • Using Music
  • Adding Video From Others
  • Publishing Your Edited Video
  • Adding Captions
  • Embedding Your Edited Video


Video Intro -

Get a sneak peek at our newest self-paced online course that will have you making excellent screencasts and instructional videos with free, online tools. The course is filled with nearly 40 short videos (a total of 1 hour) and extensive screen shots and guidance on how to create, edit, caption and embed videos into your own online course or website.


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