Course Design: Objectives (OEI Rubric)

Blog Post created by on May 9, 2016

Did you know that @ONE has curated Youtube playlists of existing (non-inclusive) @ONE videos to help faculty align with the OEI (Online Education Initiative) rubric?


The playlist below is a collection of videos @ONE has put together to assist instructors in Course Design Objectives. The playlist contains helpful videos on the following topics:


  • OESP Navigation
  • @ONE: IOTL Orientation
  • @ONE: Intro to Canvas Navigation
  • Self-Paced @ONE: Intro to Teaching Canvas
  • Canvas: How to Schedule an Announcement
  • Webinar - 10 Tips to Designing Your Course Masterpiece
  • Center Hangout - First Impressions: How to Make the Most of Week One Online
  • Webinar - Keep Students Engaged in Your Online Courses
  • Webinar - Orienting Students to Learning Online
  • Webinar - Online Student Retention - What Does it Take for Students to Go the Distance?


Take a look!


View Video Playlist Now: A.1 Course Design - Objectives