Interaction & Collaboration: Development of Learning Community

Blog Post created by on May 11, 2016

Are you familiar with @ONE's curated Youtube playlists? @ONE has created groups of videos with with existing (non-inclusive) @ONE videos for targeted subject matter.


The playlist below is a collection of videos designed to assist instructors in the area of interaction and collaboration, specifically in developing a learning community. Each of these videos will also help you ensure that your course is aligned with the OEI (Online Education Initiative) rubric.


This playlist contains helpful videos on the following topics:


  • Center Hangout - Stories from CCC Connected Educators How Social Media Has Improved My Teaching
  • Center Hangout - Engaging Students with Twitter-based Learning
  • Webinar - Online Discussion Board Best Practices
  • Webinar - Using Google+ in Education
  • Webinar- Online Collaborative Groups
  • Webinar: Building Community Online, Part 4: Collaborating Beyond Text
  • Webinar - All a'Twitter about Tweets for Teaching
  • Webinar - Blogging and Best Practices in Online Teaching
  • Webinar - Integrating Social Media Management in Your Classroom
  • Webinar - Building Community Online, Part 5: Social Networking


Check them out now!


Playlist - Interaction & Collaboration: Development of Learning Community