• "Just-in-time" Canvas Q&A Call

    10/11/17 3:30 PM
    Join us for the re-launch of the new and improved OEI/@ONE weekly Canvas Q&A calls.   These weekly 30-minute laser-focused sessions are designed to give you just-in-time support in using Canvas most effectiv...
    Helen Graves
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    "Just-in-time" Canvas Q&A Call
  • It's a Date! Using the Canvas Scheduler: @ONE Canvas Q&A

    10/3/17 2:00 PM
    Join @ONE's Helen Graves for a laser-focused 15-minute demo of the Canvas Scheduler -- save yourself and your students time! No registration required. Just click to join us in Zoom!
    Michelle Pacansky-Brock
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    It's a Date! Using the Canvas Scheduler: @ONE Canvas Q&A
  • App Alert: Discussions

    I just discovered something bonkers and first, thought other people should know about this if they don't already, and second, thought someone might have a solution, so here goes:   I created two discussions, but...
    Susan Yonker
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  • Announcements vs. Conversations for Messaging All Students

    Some of our instructors were confused by the similarities between the Announcement tool and the ability to message all students through Conversations/Inbox. The more I thought about it and tried to explain it, I reali...
    Sarah Phinney
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  • Can•Innovate! 2017

    8/14/17 9:00 AM
    Here's Your Chance to Join Us!   We're pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Can•Innovate! conference is now open to all faculty, staff and administrators from the California Community Colleges...
    Helen Graves
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    Can•Innovate! 2017

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  • Evaluation questionnaires

    Is anyone using a Canvas quiz to offer "student evaluation questionnaires" for a peer evaluator to use in the faculty evaluation process?   We use this to give students the opportunity to give completely anonymo...
    Lisa Beach
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  • Start of Term Checklist

    I know others are creating checklists for faculty to use in preparing their courses. I thought it might be nice to share these resources. I have posted mine here, Canvas Start of Term Checklist and would love to see w...
    Sarah Phinney
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  • Is someone out there familiar with the Attendance tool? I need help.

    I am trying to use the attendance tool in my course. I want each class to be worth 20 points, there are a total of 10 classes. I do not wish to use a weighted grade. When I use it, the student gets 100% or 200 points ...
    Golden Jill
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  • Using a Dashboard Card Image in Canvas

    So, a function from the latest update of production that I'm particularly excited about, it is possible to augment the course card from being a big block of color into a color overlay on top of an image of the teacher...
    David Gray
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  • Creating a Navigation Pill

    I was looking for a quick and easy (read: low technical skills required) way to allow my faculty to populate Pages with a navigation menu. Something that would be somewhat graphical in appearance, but without requirin...
    David Gray
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  • Assignments/Modules Missing

    I had an instructor contact me last night saying that all of her assignments and modules are missing from the course she taught this summer. Her discussion is there and her only Page (her home page) is there but the a...
    Cynthia Alexander
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  • Example Home/Front Page Template

    The idea of an example home page has been discussed multiple times during the Faculty support calls @ONE has been facilitating for OEI Full Launch Pilot colleges.  In an effort to support the conversation and tho...
    Anna Stirling
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  • Using Tabs in Your Canvas Course

    Video Link - Creating Tabs in Your Canvas Course   Utilizing tabs in your course may be a good idea for a variety or reasons.   Aesthetics – Tabs can improve your course design by making your course m...
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  • Undelete

    Doubtless I was the only one unaware of this totally undocumented function in Canvas, but just in case not...   PDF: Undelete in Canvas Video: Undelete in Canvas   Checked with the Instructure folks, and ...
    David Gray
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  • KISS - or we may ruin Canvas

    Hi all, I am new here, but I wanted to share with you a concern I have. We chose Canvas for several key reasons, one of which was its simplicity. I am looking over the wish list of feature add and it scares me. Most ...
    Joe Perret
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  • Use Conferences with something besides Big Blue Button

    Summary The Conferences tool should be able to connect to a synchronous interaction tool besides Big Blue Button.   Describe your idea Canvas has a tool called "Conferences" that serves the purpose of synchronous...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • CCC Canvas Call: Assignments and the SpeedGrader (6/2)

    6/2/16 12:30 PM
    Each Thursday the CCC Canvas Call is an opportunity for members of the CCC Canvas Community to share our experiences using the Canvas learning management system. Our system, our students, and the Online Education Init...
    Gregory Beyrer
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    CCC Canvas Call: Assignments and the SpeedGrader (6/2)
  • CCC Canvas Call recordings

    As the CCC Canvas Call recordings become available, they will be added to this document: February 18: Course Home Page Strategies February 25: Making the Most out of the Syllabus March 3: Confusing Course Navigatio...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Regular Expessions in Quizzes

    SummaryCANVAS quizzes do not support regular expressions for fill-in-the-blanks or short answers like D2L, so a feature addition is open in the CANVAS Community to add it: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/4888#co...
    Randy Watkins
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  • You Decide the Topic of the Canvas Call

    Members of the CCC Canvas Community are invited to vote on the topic to be covered at the next Canvas Call. Please make your selection and then join us for the CCC Canvas Call: Topic TBD (6/2).   This poll will ...
    Gregory Beyrer
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