• Badging for the CCC System

    I am curious as to how many CCC's are looking to participate in the New World of Work's 21st Century Skills Badging initiative, as it relates to use of Badgr within Canvas. badging badgr
    Dave Stephens
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  • Canvas for Workgroups and Special Projects

    Hello! Are any other colleges using Canvas for faculty/staff workgroups or special projects?  As the DE Coordinator at my college I'm getting a growing number of requests for Canvas shells for faculty discipline...
    Jennifer Azzaro
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  • CCCTC Canvas-SIS Integration

    Also posted this to the Canvas Admins listserv, so apologies if you are seeing this for the second time! -------- As part of the Onilne Education Initiative's (OEI) Canvas rollout, the CCCTC's Project Glue team has de...
    Jane Linder
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  • Can•Innovate! 2017

    8/14/17 9:00 AM
    Here's Your Chance to Join Us!   We're pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Can•Innovate! conference is now open to all faculty, staff and administrators from the California Community Colleges...
    Helen Graves
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    Can•Innovate! 2017

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  • Committee Documents in stored in Canvas?

    I'm sure this concern is echoed with other community colleges so I wanted to see how others are addressing the dilemma. Up to this point we have stored our committee documents in Blackboard, with the move to Canvas we...
    Taintor Amanda
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  • KISS - or we may ruin Canvas

    Hi all, I am new here, but I wanted to share with you a concern I have. We chose Canvas for several key reasons, one of which was its simplicity. I am looking over the wish list of feature add and it scares me. Most ...
    Joe Perret
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  • Use Conferences with something besides Big Blue Button

    Summary The Conferences tool should be able to connect to a synchronous interaction tool besides Big Blue Button.   Describe your idea Canvas has a tool called "Conferences" that serves the purpose of synchronous...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Gradebook Icebergs

    We nearly ran into a couple of gradebook icebergs that I'd like to help others avoid. I apologize if you all were aware of these, but I wish someone had told me, so I'm going to pass along what I know. Grading Scheme ...
    Lisa Beach
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  • Branding Canvas

    Here are some examples of branding and best practices from other institutions: Cool branding?   Here are some samples of jQuery that can be used to add links to the login landing page: canvas-contrib/add_link_t...
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  • CCC OEI Configuring Shibboleth - Quick Setup Guide for Canvas.pdf

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  • ConfiguringShibbolethandCanvas.pdf

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  • Canvas Support Knowledge Base (KB) Example

    Here's an example of a Canvas Support Knowledge Base (KB)
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