• Benefits of Notebowl?

    Are your students and teachers benefiting from Notebowl and, if so, what do they like about it? What drawbacks have you found?   We're evaluating Notebowl since the CVC-OEI has made it available to CCCs.  I...
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  • Badging for the CCC System

    I am curious as to how many CCC's are looking to participate in the New World of Work's 21st Century Skills Badging initiative, as it relates to use of Badgr within Canvas. badging badgr
    Dave Stephens
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  • Canvas Q&A - 3C Media Solutions and Canvas

    11/15/17 11:30 AM
    Click here for the archive!   Join us for this week's Canvas Q&A on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 10:30am.   We'll be showing you how to use the LTI app for 3C Media Solutions so you can easily embed your...
    Gregory Beyrer
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    Canvas Q&A - 3C Media Solutions and Canvas
  • Integrating Flipgrid into your Canvas Course

    I viewed a wonderful webinar by Dayamudra and @ONE on October 25th and thought I might be able to help with the Canvas integration of Flipgrid. I have never used Flipgrid, but it is an awesome tool for us to use with ...
    Monica Landeros
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  • Integrating academic support and student services

    Has anyone created a unified integration of support services? The library is already working on a module, but we have been asked to create a unified module or resource or presence that will help students get to academ...
    Pamela Perry
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  • VeriCite: Submitting papers for students

    SummaryWe paid for the VeriCite native integration that the OEI negotiated. However, that integration does not allow instructors to submit papers on behalf of students. The VeriCite LTI integration allows this ability...
    Scott Vigallon
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  • Change LTI menu text without reinstalling?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the menu text of an LTI tool without reinstalling the tool? For example, if I installed the tool using XML, and within the code was something like:   <lticm:proper...
    jason betrue
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  • MySpanishLab

    Does anyone have any experience using MySpanishLab in Canvas? I'm trying to help a Spanish instructor move his course online, and it's been a challenge tying to integrate MySpanishLab. We are using the MyLab and Maste...
    Aloha Sargent
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  • Can•Innovate! 2017

    8/14/17 9:00 AM
    Here's Your Chance to Join Us!   We're pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Can•Innovate! conference is now open to all faculty, staff and administrators from the California Community Colleges...
    Helen Graves
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    Can•Innovate! 2017

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  • SurveyMonkey for Student Course Evaluations?

    Is anyone using SurveyMonkey for student course evaluations in Canvas?  If yes, how did you implement SurveyMonkey into Canvas to ensure security and confidentiality?   We are experimenting with embedding a...
    Richard Robison
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  • Locking down LTIs

    At the recent DET/CHE conference, I heard from many colleges and universities that use Canvas that they "lock down" the list of LTIs that instructors can install at the course level to only those that meet their requi...
    Lisa Beach
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