• SUBJECT Line in Discussion and Improved Threading

    Summary Canvas discussions would be greatly improved if threading was more distinct and posts had a distinct subject line. Describe your idea While I suspect most everyone installed the code that was made available to...
    Michelle Pilati Corselli
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  • Canvas Discussions Overhaul

    I think we can all agree that Canvas discussions are absolutely lacking in a number of key areas, and that they are sorely in need of an overhaul. In this post, I'm going to pull together some of the ideas that are up...
    Moses Wolfenstein
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  • Course Content Notifications Considered Harmful

    I'm curious if there's anyone here who thinks that the Course Content notification does more good than bad. In my experience with it, it consistently creates confusion and sucks up significant amounts of time remediat...
  • Vote - Stop Breaking Links When Page Title is Changed

    Have you ever had this happen, or have you supported instructors who have had this happen? SCENARIO: An instructor makes a page, let's say a module overview page, and then links to this page from a custom Home page....
    Sarah Phinney
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  • Comprehensive Search: Thoughts on this Idea?

    I've been spending time as I can looking at ideas floating in the top 10% over the last couple of days. In the discussion about Folders in Pages, the topic of a Comprehensive Course Search Tool has apparently surfaced...
    Moses Wolfenstein
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  • 3C Media embed code in Canvas has scroll bars

    When I paste video embed code from 3C Media into the HTML Editor of a Canvas page and click Save, all is well -- as long as I don’t switch to the Rich Content Editor.   However, if I go to the Rich Conten...
    Liz du Plessis
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  • Benefits of Notebowl?

    Are your students and teachers benefiting from Notebowl and, if so, what do they like about it? What drawbacks have you found?   We're evaluating Notebowl since the CVC-OEI has made it available to CCCs.  I...
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  • Recommendations for Organizing Bookmarks, Followings, and Groups (Oh My!)

    Good Morning Fellow Canvasphiles!   To be sure, there are a myriad of helpful, exciting resources available in our Community!  As a matter of fact, I "geek-out" and feel like a kid in a virtual candy-store!...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • Spring Break Date Adjustment

    Hi All,    I thought I'd try to promote my feature request here. Every semester, when I copy my online class to the next term, I need to adjust the due dates due to Spring Break. I could copy fall to fall a...
    Scott James
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  • Announcements on Home Page Now Displays a "Delayed Until" Notation

    Just recently, if using the Announcements to appear on the Home Page, Canvas now shows a "Delayed Until" notation above the date.  This notation might be useful to display to the instructor; however, this notatio...
    Treva Thomas
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  • New Gradebook session for Can-Innovate

    Would anyone in the CCCs like to collaborate with me on a "New Gradebook" session for Can-Innovate? ~Liz du Plessis, Instructional Designer, Santa Rosa Junior College
    Liz du Plessis
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  • Importing a Blackboard Discussion Board into Canvas

    Recently, I made an interesting discovery when making an attempt to import a Blackboard Discussion Board into Canvas. When you export just the Blackboard Discussion Board using the Export-Package method. Canvas import...
    Chris Rodgers
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  • Special Language Characters for RCE

    SummaryForeign Language instructors need their students to easily add accented characters or letters from another alphabet in the Canvas editor   Describe your idea Most other CMS's provide an editor with a way t...
    Nancy Webb
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  • Badging for the CCC System

    I am curious as to how many CCC's are looking to participate in the New World of Work's 21st Century Skills Badging initiative, as it relates to use of Badgr within Canvas. badging badgr
    Dave Stephens
    created by Dave Stephens
  • Issues and Aggravations with Canvas

    A colleague at CRC emailed me a list of issues and I thought I would start a discussion to help answer some of them. If you have encountered these and discovered ways to deal with them please share. And don't be shy t...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Column Width in New Gradebook

    The column width in the new gradebook was suddenly and without explanation limited to 214px. We have faculty with dozens and dozens of columns who like to make the columns small so they can see more on the screen. Wou...
    Michael Smedshammer
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  • Lock a Module after a given date

    SummaryInstructors should be able to "close" a Module by locking it after a given date. Currently locking is only available before given date.   Vote! Fortunately this idea is currently up for vote: Modules need...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • CCCTC Canvas-SIS Integration

    Also posted this to the Canvas Admins listserv, so apologies if you are seeing this for the second time! -------- As part of the Onilne Education Initiative's (OEI) Canvas rollout, the CCCTC's Project Glue team has de...
    Jane Linder
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  • Ability to Use Stylus in DocViewer Needs Vote

    Instructors used to be able to use tablet styluses for feedback in Crocodoc, but lost this ability with the new DocViewer. Would you mind helping to upvote this issue? It would especially benefit English and math facu...
    Michael Smedshammer
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  • Blogs in Canvas

    SummaryEnable instructors to create individual student blogs, visible to all, and arrange them in groups.   Describe your ideaStudents to have their own individual blogs, visible only within Canvas and organized ...
    David Lang
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