• How do I Access Canvas Calls?

    I want to go the this Canvas Call today. How do I access it?   Greetings: This Thursday from 11:30-12:30 the final Canvas Call for spring 2016 will be held on Assignments and the SpeedGrader. Thanks to the memb...
    Tracie Bosket
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  • Can I switch a question to a discussion and then back?

    I'd really like an answer to this question.
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • I would like some more information about the podcast option in discussions.

    I am testing out the podcast feature to automatically deliver material to students. I can upload a video file and it will appear in the RSS feed. Can I also link to a file on AWS (or 3C)? That doesn't seem to be worki...
    Sable Cantus
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  • Locking down LTIs

    At the recent DET/CHE conference, I heard from many colleges and universities that use Canvas that they "lock down" the list of LTIs that instructors can install at the course level to only those that meet their requi...
    Lisa Beach
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  • accessible table code

    I am wondering if there is some cut and paste code to create an accessible table since this issue comes up so often in ID consults.
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  • Message Icon in Profile Revisited

    Looking at this group's discussions, I saw that Gregory posted a link to a vote on adding the message icon on profiles. The voting period ended January 6th with not enough votes to implement the feature. The missing m...
    Brian Weston
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  • Group Tool in Canvas

    This semester I moved from Blackboard to Canvas as a project course for OEI.  In my online class I assign a three week group project in order  to introduce students to a project utilizing group tools such as...
    John Blachley
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  • Is it possible to force subscription to discussions?

    I saw some posts of this in another Canvas are going back to last summer (2015), but I did not see a resolution. In a general open discussion board where students can ask questions and answer each other on everything ...
    Jean Proppe
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