• New World of Work - IMS CC export

    Any California Community College admins out there? I'm trying to help our community education folks import the New World of Work IMSCC course package but it appears to be defective. I'm unable to import it in either C...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Canvas Community (Jive) API

    Hello everyone,   For several years, Indiana University has maintained its own site for making and voting on Canvas Feature Requests.  We allow users to vote locally on our site and if there's a comparable ...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • How to change image on course card in Dashboard?

    I see the "how to" do this in the Canvas Guides but these instructions don't seem to work within the Los Rios setup.  Has anyone figured a work around or am I missing something here?
    Debra Sharkey
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  • Canvas for Workgroups and Special Projects

    Hello! Are any other colleges using Canvas for faculty/staff workgroups or special projects?  As the DE Coordinator at my college I'm getting a growing number of requests for Canvas shells for faculty discipline...
    Jennifer Azzaro
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  • Where are the sample Canvas courses

    Someone else asked about this, but I can no longer find that post, which was made Jan 24.  I was looking for the sample Canvas courses by audience and subject.  The link doesn't take me there any longer....
    Deborah Wilson
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  • Does New Gradebook have an "Export Current Gradebook View" feature?

    Faculty are confused when they export the current gradebook CSV file because it downloads many extra columns that they do not see when using the gradebook. I found that on the radar Phase II for the new gradebook is t...
  • Integrating academic support and student services

    Has anyone created a unified integration of support services? The library is already working on a module, but we have been asked to create a unified module or resource or presence that will help students get to academ...
    Pamela Perry
    created by Pamela Perry
  • Change LTI menu text without reinstalling?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to change the menu text of an LTI tool without reinstalling the tool? For example, if I installed the tool using XML, and within the code was something like:   <lticm:proper...
    jason betrue
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  • Can this be Canvas?

    I am currently using CCC Confer to hold my online class meetings because I can record the classes and they are set up for closed caption.  Is this something that can be added to Canvas?  This way everything ...
    last modified by HALL-PATTERSON KRIS
  • Evaluation questionnaires

    Is anyone using a Canvas quiz to offer "student evaluation questionnaires" for a peer evaluator to use in the faculty evaluation process?   We use this to give students the opportunity to give completely anonymo...
    Lisa Beach
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  • Committee Documents in stored in Canvas?

    I'm sure this concern is echoed with other community colleges so I wanted to see how others are addressing the dilemma. Up to this point we have stored our committee documents in Blackboard, with the move to Canvas we...
    Taintor Amanda
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  • How do I request an extra "Sandbox" shell?  To whom do I send the request?

    Please let me know to whom I should request another "Sandbox" shell.  Thanks.--Diana Aghabegian, aghabegian_diana@smc.edu
    Diana Aghabegian
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  • Is someone out there familiar with the Attendance tool? I need help.

    I am trying to use the attendance tool in my course. I want each class to be worth 20 points, there are a total of 10 classes. I do not wish to use a weighted grade. When I use it, the student gets 100% or 200 points ...
    Golden Jill
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  • how do I convert my ecollege class?

    I am working with faculty who are moving from eCollege to Canvas and would like to know what resources have been developed within the CCC to make this transition easier?
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Migrating ETUDES assessment

    I am trying to migrate an ETUDES assessment and I keep getting this message:  unable to parse question undefined method `include?' for nil:NilClass Does anyone know what I need to do?  I have migrated oth...
    Librada Hernandez
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  • SurveyMonkey for Student Course Evaluations?

    Is anyone using SurveyMonkey for student course evaluations in Canvas?  If yes, how did you implement SurveyMonkey into Canvas to ensure security and confidentiality?   We are experimenting with embedding a...
    Richard Robison
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  • Setting up Profile settings as an admin

    I am a new Canvas admin at my college, and it seems like the sandboxes that I set up do not allow teachers to add a bio to their class in their account.  I have searched all over settings and permissions, and als...
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  • Assignments/Modules Missing

    I had an instructor contact me last night saying that all of her assignments and modules are missing from the course she taught this summer. Her discussion is there and her only Page (her home page) is there but the a...
    Cynthia Alexander
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  • Modifying Alt Text

    When I add an image and then click on it to add or modify the alt text, I am given the option of adding a new image rather than modifying the current image. This has just happened in the past couple of weeks. The only...
    Cynthia Alexander
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  • How can we use VoiceThread in Canvas groups?

    An instructor likes to assign VoiceThread to small groups, but Canvas gives the message "Group assignments can't use External Tools. The group setting will be unchecked when you save." (See attached screenshot.) Has a...
    Michael Smedshammer
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