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Michael Mace
So is there going to be a solution to how embedded LTI tools act in the mobile app?  Specifically LTI video tools embedded into a Canvas page require the end user to click a button called "Launch External Tool."  Once you click that, the video (Kaltura, Canvas Studio) only plays in portrait mode. This really interrupts the experience.  It doesn't… (Show more)
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Matthew Jennings
Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make a particular link open in the devices default browser instead of within the Canvas App? I have a special use case where I have something that students interact with, that doesn't work in the app, but does work in the mobile browser. I wanted to put a link in that will push the students to the… (Show more)
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Kelvin Dean
Sorry for such a very late post. On February 21, 2020, Google announced that Google's apps and services will not be available for preload or sideload on Huawei devices made available after May 16, 2019. This includes services such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and the Google Play Store (where we download Canvas Mobile for Android).   Devices affected… (Show more)
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Stefanie Sanders
Hello,   We're building our own mobile application with integrations towards Canvas and other systems, which we don't want to integrate with Canvas directly.   Most of the application is working fine, however, we would also like to get push notifications from Canvas.   As far as we can see; in the API we can control notifications preferences.… (Show more)
Randy Orwin
Click to view contentThe Information School, iSchool, at the University of Washington has been providing templates for our Canvas courses since about late 2012. We started using Canvas in fall of 2011. Our templates have evolved with the available technological advances and we have spent the last few months designing for the next iteration. One of my colleagues, Putri… (Show more)
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Yumia Hobbs
Upon investigating a grade dispute from a student, I found a major flaw in the Canvas Student App. The student took two screenshots of their grades in the Student app- one after completing their final exam and one near the last day of the semester. In the first screenshot, the student has a grade of 70%. In both screenshots, all of the assignments… (Show more)
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Peyton Craighill
Click to view contentEverything’s green and the driveway is covered in sidewalk chalk and life is totally normal, so that means it’s time for a mobile update!   As you would expect, all of our teams have been racing to remove impediments to remote learning in Canvas for most of the past eight weeks. The Canvas mobile teams, for their part, have shipped 20 updates… (Show more)
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Amanda Warren Marshall
Click to view contentHey Mobile People! I'm not sure if everyone's been following the saga of the new Grade Posting Policy ( Post Policy Updates Feedback for your reading pleasure) or not, but I've also found an issue that I think would be best addressed in this space. When I am in the Teacher App it says that my students' grades are muted even though I haven't set a… (Show more)
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