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Super Panda
Click to view contentHello there, Canvas Mobile Users Group!   It’s been quiet around here lately! To help kick start some new collaboration in CMUG, Ryan, Kristin, and I designed a quest! Now, this quest will require some reflection and some writing. All of of the requirements center on mobile design and maximizing student engagement within the Canvas Student App.  … (Show more)
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Joe Fahs
Has anyone encountered this issue on their EDU WiFi network?   For iOS devices only users on our EDU WiFi network are experiencing a Server Error - "401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials" error as soon as they look up the school. They never encounter the log on screen. The issue persists even after uninstalling and… (Show more)
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Matthew Jennings
I was wondering if anyone has customized their CSS to make the mobile web version of Canvas better. I know I can add a mobile CSS for the app and am already looking at those options to bring the in app experience more in line with what our students see on a desktop. However, the mobile web interface, particularly on phones still leaves a lot to be… (Show more)
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Tracey Gould
Click to view contentI am not normally an end of the line type person when getting on the bus, usually, I am towards the front 10% of the line. I feel like I have almost missed the Mobile App bus. I don't have an excuse for why it has taken so long for mobile apps to grab my attention, but now that it has, I'm glad I waited. Recently I've been researching all of the… (Show more)
in Canvas Mobile Users Group
Peyton Craighill
Click to view contentHope summer is going well for you! After the second-rainiest spring on record, the atmosphere over Utah burned away and now we're all walking around in climate-controlled space suits and eating sand.   Here’s what the mobile teams are working on.   Canvas Student   New assignment details and submission flows are coming in Canvas Student 6.6! We… (Show more)
in Canvas Mobile Users Group
Sharmaine Regisford
Howdy,   I use the Canvas App on my Android phone and my links to specific modules on the modules page (from a wiki page) are not behaving as they should. For instance, when I'm trying to goto Lesson 4, it used to take me to the lesson 4 module, now instead it just takes me to the first module on the modules page.   It it just me/my phone or is… (Show more)
in Canvas Mobile Users Group
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