Hey Wait! Canvas Teacher Isn't Done Yet!

Blog Post created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Aug 30, 2017

Hello my CMUG friends,


I hope everyone is enjoying the Teacher App so far. As you begin using it in the fall semester, please continue to share your experience, good or bad! If the app is missing a vital feature, create an idea! If you are lost, ask a question! Kristin Lundstrum and myself are looking over these everyday! 


Teacher App - Part Deux


In case you missed it, the Teacher isn't done and the mobile team needs your help to get over the finish line! If you are interested in the next round of Canvas Teacher beta testing, well here's your chance! 


Canvas Teacher Beta sign-up 


Once again, good luck on the semester and feel free to use this group to share and grow you knowledge with all things mobile! 


UPDATE: Canvas Teacher 1.2 released to TestFlight!