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I just read Engaging students with "The Goodies" by Julian Ridden and was entertained by its content (my wife and I are watching Youtube videos of the Goodies now, btw...). But that came after reading a few (that I won't point out) from folks who are disgruntled about Mobile Apps, even from Canvas.

It got me thinking about Mobile Apps and what we expect of them. Now, if you've read any of my other stuff, you may have read that I'm not a huge fan of constant engagement, and recommend disconnecting and living amongst the humans periodically.

I also realize that when I do set up expectations for mobile access, there are boundaries. I do not expect, nor do I even want research papers to be transcribed into a mobile device. Oh, by all means when something inspirational hits you, the phone is usually the best place to record it or jot it down, yes, I understand. Discussions? By all means, they're laid out and easy to read and respond. Students will receive notifications. But what I usually hear is that there are quirky functions that teachers can't do, like they can on their laptops.

I think there are features that more lend themselves to being accessed on a mobile device than others. I also believe that when I have the opportunity to teach, I want my students to be a little more engaged and focused when I receive something from them. I want them to have access to my course, be able to access the course schedule and calendar, be able to determine if they've done what I've asked them to do, but maybe not necessarily do everything from their phone.

Kudos to you,mobile app developers, who continually try to meet the needs of the masses, especially in education, and try to push the possibilities of what can be done, and how. I know it's no easy task, but the efforts are appreciated.

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