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Hey Mobile People! I'm not sure if everyone's been following the saga of the new Grade Posting Policy (

Post Policy Updates Feedback for your reading pleasure) or not, but I've also found an issue that I think would be best addressed in this space. When I am in the Teacher App it says that my students' grades are muted even though I haven't set a manual posting policy on the assignment nor did I mute it in the App. I do still have access to the mute toggle switch in the App..weird, right? What's even weirder is though my grades are still "mute" according to the App, my students confirm that they can see them and when I look on the desktop version my grades show as visible. I have no clue what the "mute" is doing in the App (nothing it seems). I also can't seem to create a grade posting policy from the app. I've looked on the guides for the App and don't see a reference to either the old muting or using the new policies. Here are some screenshots of it: 




Does anyone know if the Teacher App (iOS) just isn't updated or do I have gremlins? Here's to hoping others are having this issue too (I think...) 

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