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Anthony Bunag

Theory vs Practice

Posted by Anthony Bunag Expert Mar 15, 2017

As a smaller University, we are in a similar situation as Robbie Grant Admin - we like the idea of Mobile, but we just don't have the resources to lead the charge with our users.  So, we support the faculty as they adopt the "traditional" LMS approach, using the browser interface to build their courses and interact with their students in our predominately traditional classroom, with the occasional faculty going to a hybrid class.  Leadership was also loathe to push the current apps when there is likely to be a transition to the new set of Apps.


However, we never hide that there are the Apps available for use, which has caused some interesting effects.  Several faculty have reported up to half their classes using the App to interact with their online course space, including during class times.  Other faculty have embraced the ability to review activity and grade work while on a mobile device.  I'm sure none of this is revolutionary, but it's nice to know that the theory we had concerning usage is slowly but surely showing in practice.  Some of our schools had mandated that students have a laptop in the classroom, and we're hoping with the App and the features in Canvas, we may be able to provide an alternative in the use of a mobile device.


Hopefully once we've had a better adoption rate, and can start looking at moving our core group of faculty past the initial learning stages, we will be able to have the bandwidth to support and encourage more adoption of the mobile Apps in the faculty, and work with our student support teams to do the same in places such as our freshman orientations.


This may not be the most useful Blog, but maybe it will help encourage those of you that see the benefit of the apps but just can't get the funding and bandwidth needed to reach the promised land.

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