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I am not new to coding HTML and CSS and have written JavaScript and jQuery when necessary. I have worked with Bootstrap and used the Chrome and Firefox inspector tools to test presentations on different sized screens. So when I downloaded the Canvas app to my Motorola phone, I didn’t expect too many challenges.

The first thing I did in the Dashboard was choose one course to view in the “Course & Group Selection”. I selected my sandbox course. The software put a star in the icon to indicate selection. Looking around the course pages, I found a video that was not showing. I went to the PC, logged in to my Canvas account to get a look at the code, and … only the sandbox course remained in the dashboard! What? Back on the mobile app, I selected all the other courses in the “Course & Group Selection” menu. A refresh on the PC showed all the courses were back. Whew!

I have only just started, but already I see that my Canvas icons are not rendering and the Canvas-styled buttons are not styling. On the other hand, my custom drop cap and block quote styling is working nicely and my Twitter iframe looks great!

I would like to hear what surprises you’ve had.

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