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Kara Monroe

Helping Mobile "Catch On"

Posted by Kara Monroe May 31, 2017

It seems hard to think of for those of us that take our cell phones and tablets for granted - but for many students - and for that case - faculty, mobile is not something on their mind.


We're a new Canvas institution. As we did our LMS needs analysis process we weren't shocked to find that faculty said that by and large students come to class with a mobile device in hand.  However, being at a large, statewide institution there are broad disparities in the capabilities of those devices and the access students have to high speed Internet when they are not on campus.


Looking at possible solutions to this fuzzy situation has brought about a lot of creative thinking but I'm wondering if other higher ed institutions of a broad scale have tackled the device and Internet question with tablets - and if so - how have you gone about it?

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