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Eliminating the Zero!

Posted by Stacy LAMBERT Sep 3, 2017

At Callaghan College Wallsend Campus, we have a good BYOD program (bring your own device) with over 500 students with a registered BYOD (not including phones). However, students do not always bring them everyday for whatever reason. BUT - they all have a phone permanently attached to their hands/ears etc. There is a school rule that if the phone is being used for educational purposes, they can have it out in class, but if they are just sending Snapchats to each other, then no dice! We have been encouraging the use of the mobile app with them and although only in it's infancy, there are some surprising results. (Apart from their typing speed with two thumbs).

Activity on Canvas has increased incredibly overall – looking at our analytics. Submission rates for tasks have also increased. The good thing we have noticed is some of the students that generally hand in nothing or do not attempt any tasks (that minority of kids that we all have at some stage that are really hard to reach) are actually having a go - all be it a small one. Our 'non-awards' have decreased, some students are actually getting an E or D grade, which sounds like our expectations are really low (this is not the case), but for some of these children, it's the best mark they have achieved in a while. We are actually thinking that maybe with some increased confidence for these students, they might eventually improve across a range of subjects and maybe begin to enjoy learning. We can only hope. The use of the mobile phone and an app may just be the beginning of the end for the ZERO. David SUMMERVILLE callaghancollegewallsendcampus


We are a new school (last 6 months) to Canvas. Loving the mobile app. Agree with @RyanSeilhamer that our students are viewing "people" as the least important (for want of a better word) on the app. They are really looking at it as a time management and organisational tool at this early stage. Several students are now working through their mobile devices (from the age of 12 and upwards) rather than bringing a laptop to school for ease of storage / carrying etc. Looking forward to getting the parents on the parent app. They are our partners in learning. Exciting times ahead for us David SUMMERVILLE

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