• Change Header Image on Mobile Login Page

    I worked with James Jordan from our good neighbor at Valencia College to figure out how to change the header on the mobile web and mobile app login page for Canvas. Below is how you can do it yourself (NOTE:...
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  • Parent App How-To Guides

    If you're looking for printer-friendly how-to guides for parents who are self-registering for Canvas, here's what we've come up with:   Self-registering in Canvas Parent (parent perspective) Creating a pai...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Can Help be customized in mobile app like the web version?

    In the browser version of Canvas, we can customize what students see in terms of help / support.  We do not have resources or a central help desk that supports student in our K12 organization, we direct students ...
    Joe Allen
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  • Instructure's Mobile Strategy

    Instructure's mobile strategy usually ends up outlined in a couple of InstructureCon presentations, but if you’re new to Canvas, or if you haven’t made it to InstructureCon, or if you just want to know mor...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Canvas Parent 2.0!

    For the most recent post on Canvas Parent 2.0, check out Canvas Parent 2.0 - Pre-Release Update.   --------------------------------------------   This here’s meant for the K-12ers in th...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Grade Totals in the Apps (K12)

    I wanted to start a discussion about his issue before I create an idea around it. My school district uses our SIS grade book for all reporting purposes such as progress reports, report cards, and transcripts. Tha...
    Matt Hanes
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  • Google and O365 Authentication for Mobile

    Hello everyone. I found an interesting discussion post from Daniel Gilogley about Google and O365 authentication on mobile browsers and the mobile apps. Thought, I'd share:    https://community.canvaslms.co...
  • How do you feel about the mobile roadmap?

    InstructureCon is over and most of us have started or are getting ready for back to school. I wanted to share a poll to get a pulse check on how everyone feels about the mobile roadmap/direction.   The theme of...
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  • What CSS/Javascript customizations do you add to your mobile themes?

    Hello all,   Would anyone be willing to share and describe what css/javascript code that you may use on your themes for Canvas mobile apps?   Specifically, I want to hide the color overlay in the Canvas t...
    Evan West
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  • How do you feel about offline content for Canvas Mobile?

    I wanted to poll the group and get your opinion about offline content in the Canvas Mobile app. Also, if you want offline content, what do you want? Everything? Content? Assignments? I think this could be an interesti...
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  • Canvas Mobile Update

    Version 6.0 of the student app has been in the wild for a few weeks, and I wanted to give an update on what you can expect from the Canvas mobile apps over the next few months.     CANVAS STUDENT   We&...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Peer Reviews in Mobile

    TL;DRPeer Reviews should function fully within Android and iOS mobile apps.   Describe your mobile idea.Last Fall Peer Reviews on Mobile App was archived with 44 votes. Peer Reviews via browser add a layer of ins...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Keeping Up with the times

    One of the most difficult things online educators have is to keep up with the changes in technology, especially mobile. One of the biggest challenges that my team and I have had to overcome is making sure that whateve...
    John Boekenoogen
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  • Late bloomers we are, but we will catch up...

    It has taken some time to encourage students and faculty to use mobile apps when accessing our Canvas instance, but we have made a lot of progress. This push came after we encouraged users to use the Calendar feature ...
    Julio Castro
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  • Keep Reminding Me!

      My colleague Ashley Salter and I conducted a number of face-to-face interviews with students about their experience using mobile technology to support their learning, with a particular focus on t...
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  • Using the Student App to Edit a Page (wiki)

    My team recently had a professor ask us to help create an assignment that could be created/edited in class. He wanted his students to be able to break into groups during one of his classes and create a response t...
    Bradon Lewis
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  • Are the 2015 videos for Quest 'Mobile Series' still accurate and valid?

    Hi all,   I just finish the 'Mobile Series' quest videos, and I'm wondering if all of the information and functions presented in the videos are still accurate and valid... see below. Can anyone advise? Thank ...
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  • Full-size Video Playback in Canvas mobile app

    Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention here, adding support for full-size video playback in the Canvas mobile app is open for voting now, please come over and vote for this if videos are an important part o...
    John von Seggern
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  • PDFs not opening correctly in Canvas

    We are not experiencing unexpected behavior when trying to access PDFs from the mobile version and desktop version of Canvas. Instead of the file being opened directly, we are redirected to course files and sometimes ...
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • Canvas Mobile Support Docs for Spanish Speakers

    As someone who works with ESOL students, I have found that many of our young learners coming from Central and South America have more experience working on mobile devices (particularly Android devices) than they ...
    Maci Devaney
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