• Construct 3 Game Incorporation into Canvas

    I have been leading an educational game building team on using Construct 3 www.scirra.com for International English Language Learners.  A goal would be to embed a game into Canvas for students to access...
    Eric Essen
    created by Eric Essen
  • Procrastination and the Mobile User

    My students can be the biggest procrastinators.  I suppose we all can procrastinate from time to time but I find that my students every year have trouble with completing their assignments early enough to have pro...
    Michelle Zakarin
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  • PDFs not opening correctly in Canvas

    We are not experiencing unexpected behavior when trying to access PDFs from the mobile version and desktop version of Canvas. Instead of the file being opened directly, we are redirected to course files and sometimes ...
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • Thinking Creatively About Mobile Assessments

    Canvas provides instructors with an opportunity to rethink the technological side of their course - and mobile activity is one of the major areas in which this occurs! As I watched the video series for mobile assignme...
    Caryn Neiswender
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  • Mobile Series on Canvas Live

    I found the CanvasLIVE session on the Mobile Series: Discussions in the Palm of Your Hand to be very helpful as an Instructor. There seems to be better interaction with Discussion Board in the new Canvas Teacher App a...
    Jamie Sipe
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  • Verifying Mobile Friendly Web Content

    We've all been there. You find the perfect website that has content that you would love to share in your Canvas course, only to find, after the fact, that the content doesn't scale appropriately or doesn't render when...
    Mark Garcia
    created by Mark Garcia
  • A Parent's Perspective on Mobile Initiatives

    I have been working in Higher Education for twelve or thirteen years now. I can remember using a VCR to record videoconferencing sessions, and now we have SaaS technologies for remote learners around the globe. I reme...
    Kenneth Rogers
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  • Office 365 + Canvas Mobile

    For consistency, I'm blatantly copying Kristin Lundstrum's blog post (Google LTI + Canvas Mobile) in case someone has similar questions about the new Office 365 integration its compatibility with the Canvas ...
    Matt Hanes
    created by Matt Hanes
  • "Integration" with Bb Collaborate Ultra Mobile

    Hello, all! I know this may not affect a lot of you, but I wanted to pass along this information anyways. With the release of Bb Collaborate Ultra, Bb has decided to no longer have a standalone Collaborate application...
    Kenneth Rogers
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  • Does the Canvas App Stand Alone?

    This topic of troubleshooting in the Canvas App was brought up by Everett CC on the WAOL - admin list serv.  The original report was that students aren't able to access "All Courses" and make edits to their Dashb...
    Carol Howe
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  • Mobile Login Issue

    I don't have much experience with the mobile login page, but if someone does, can they help answer the following question?   We are having issues with our Mobile Browser login page, whether Safari or Chrome....
    last modified by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu
  • Include a subject on a conversation message sent from mobile?

    Is there a way to include a subject as part of a conversation initiated from a mobile device?  Many of our parents use the Canvas phone apps to message teachers. Several have mentioned that unrelated messages are...
    Mary Russell Sanders
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