• How Instructure Does Mobile

    We’re at nine million monthly active users of the Canvas mobile apps, which is many millions more than when I last posted about Instructure’s approach to mobile. If you’re new to Canvas, or if you...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Mobile Update - Summer 2019!

    Hope summer is going well for you! After the second-rainiest spring on record, the atmosphere over Utah burned away and now we're all walking around in climate-controlled space suits and eating sand.   ...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Thinking Mobile-ly

      What was your biggest takeaway? Put simply - if we weren't already, we need to begin considering mobile implications for course design. Having the checklist before, during, and after course development rem...
    Rosie Sasso
    created by Rosie Sasso
  • Canvas Apps - falling in love slowly

    It's been a slow developing love affair Canvas Apps. Knowing people LOVE your company and just want to have you around.  Getting to know you myself - just holding hands and becoming familiar with what makes you...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Canvas Mobile Product Update - Spring 2019

    Here's some stuff that's worth writing home about!   Canvas Student:   We’ve been working for months on a new assignment details page and a new submission workflow for students in mobile. I outlined ...
    Peyton Craighill
    created by Peyton Craighill
  • Inspired and Looking Forward

    I use apps for everything (doesn't everyone?) and I suppose when I first downloaded the Canvas app a few years ago, I was first learning how to use Canvas myself, and the app was not nearly as updated as it is today, ...
    Michelle Zakarin
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  • Excel files in Assignments

    My TA noticed that plots in Excel files do not always show up properly on the Teacher app.  There were several times when the plot looks blank, or maybe has 1 or 2 point on it, but if we download their file from ...
    Kevin Redding
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  • Google and O365 Authentication for Mobile

    Hello everyone. I found an interesting discussion post from Daniel Gilogley about Google and O365 authentication on mobile browsers and the mobile apps. Thought, I'd share:    https://community.canvaslms.co...
  • How do you feel about the mobile roadmap?

    InstructureCon is over and most of us have started or are getting ready for back to school. I wanted to share a poll to get a pulse check on how everyone feels about the mobile roadmap/direction.   The theme of...
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  • CSS/JS and Canvas Mobile

    I wanted to point everyone to a post by Peyton Craighill about CSS and JS with the iOS apps. I thought it might be helpful for developers and content creators who want a better understanding about how this all works: ...
  • What CSS/Javascript customizations do you add to your mobile themes?

    Hello all,   Would anyone be willing to share and describe what css/javascript code that you may use on your themes for Canvas mobile apps?   Specifically, I want to hide the color overlay in the Canvas t...
    Evan West
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  • Canvas Mobile Update

    Version 6.0 of the student app has been in the wild for a few weeks, and I wanted to give an update on what you can expect from the Canvas mobile apps over the next few months.     CANVAS STUDENT   We&...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Teacher app questions

    Hello, I had a training recently with some faculty around the new Canvas teacher app. A few of their questions which I have searched for and cannot find any answers to: - Can you mute grades in the teacher app so st...
    Eric Chamberlin
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  • Canvas Teacher not showing submissions for some group assigments

    We've noticed an issue with Canvas Teacher (both for iOS and Android) where some submissions to group assignments are not visible and able to be graded.   It appears that, if a student is not already in a group ...
    Linda J. Lee
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  • Canvas Teacher 1.2 released to TestFlight!

    Hi CMUG!   iOS beta users will be happy to hear that we released Canvas Teacher 1.2 to TestFlight this morning! If you're on our list of TestFlight users, you'll have received an email from TestFlight. Here's wh...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Canvas Mobile, An App for Everyone

    If you joined us at InstructureCon 2017 for Canvas Mobile, An App for Everyone, thanks for joining me. If not, I wanted to make this available for everyone. The presentation is attached.    This sessio...
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  • Mobile @ InstructureCon 0017

    Like every year before, it looks like InstructureCon 0017 won't disappoint. There are many awesome sessions, activities, and secrets in store for all participants. This year looks to be a big year for mobile with Canv...
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  • Canvas DocViewer and What It Means for Mobile

    If you haven't heard yet, Instructure is rolling out a new product, DocViewer. This product will replace Crocodoc in SpeedGrader and allow Instructure to more quickly bring new features and updates for users reviewing...
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  • Mobile Trivia Follow Up

    1. What was the first app developed by Instructure? (41 percent correct)   Answer: SpeedGrader for iPad.   Yes, it's true, this was the first app developed by Instructure way back in Feb 2011! The Canvas b...
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  • Canvas Mobile and the Future

    Hey CMUG'ers,    I just wanted to let you know that my CanvasCon USF presentation is now available. I cover recent updates to the Canvas App and Canvas Parent, plus a sneak peek of the Canvas Teacher app! &...