• Is this thing on?

    Sorry. This is just a test of the blogging tool to make sure I have it right. Real content to follow.   J
    Julian Ridden
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  • Accuracy of Data for Mobile-First Students

    Hi All,   I thought I would post a blog to expand on the comment I made in the Ask Technology & Engineering Leadership blog started by Renee Carney.  James Jones was awesome (as usual) and linked to a t...
    Ken Cooper
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  • The Pairing

    Last term we had a Parent Night based on technology systems at our school for anyone that wanted to know what they were and how to connect. The PAIRING with the user has been an absolute breakthrough in the Parent App...
    Stacy LAMBERT
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  • Mobile Friendly Home Pages

        Designers can spend hours on creating the perfect home page for a course, setting everything up just how they like it, then guess what, the student viewing it is using the app. How does that home page l...
    Amanda Carpenter
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  • Canvas Apps - falling in love slowly

    It's been a slow developing love affair Canvas Apps. Knowing people LOVE your company and just want to have you around.  Getting to know you myself - just holding hands and becoming familiar with what makes you...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Newbie Admin to Canvas

    So in trying to learn as much as I can about Canvas I stumbled across the Canvas Mobile Design 2019 Quest  As a district with 1:1 iPads I wanted to learn as much as I could about the Canvas Mobile Apps just ...
    Nathan Vassallo
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  • Use 'Act as User' in Canvas Mobile App

    I had a situation this morning when I needed to "act as" a student in a course via the Canvas Student app. I knew the "Act as User" functionality was there but I never had an opportunity to try it out.   I decid...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Canvas Mobile Product Update - Spring 2019

    Here's some stuff that's worth writing home about!   Canvas Student:   We’ve been working for months on a new assignment details page and a new submission workflow for students in mobile. I outlined ...
    Peyton Craighill
    created by Peyton Craighill
  • Templates: Responsive Design for the Mobile Web

    The Information School, iSchool, at the University of Washington has been providing templates for our Canvas courses since about late 2012. We started using Canvas in fall of 2011. Our templates have evolved with the ...
    Randy Orwin
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  • Inspired and Looking Forward

    I use apps for everything (doesn't everyone?) and I suppose when I first downloaded the Canvas app a few years ago, I was first learning how to use Canvas myself, and the app was not nearly as updated as it is today, ...
    Michelle Zakarin
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  • Module Access in Teacher App

    It's here tweets Ryan Seilhamer The most requested feature for the @CanvasLMS Teacher app, Module access, is now available for iOS in the Canvas Teacher app v1.8. Android will get support soon as well.   Have yo...
    Matthew Moore
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  • Managing To Dos

    I've been pretty happy with the Canvas mobile app, but have noticed that there seems to be no real way of managing To Do notifications through the Canvas mobile app. I have the To Do notifications show up and can clic...
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  • LTI tools functioning in mobile app

    Do mobile apps for students utilize LTI tools that are applied to a school's instance? If we have added LTI tools, like ReadSpeaker to our Canvas instances, do those tools carryover to the Mobile App experience? ...
    Jeremy Woodward
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  • Lights, Camera, Learn

    I get excited about mobile learning because it opens up possibilities inside the classroom and outside the classroom. I believe that mobile devices, when used strategically with clear boundaries, can operate...
    Nicholas Jones
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  • Lessons learned about designing mobile-friendly pages

    Confession: my initial reason for writing this blog is that it's part of a quest (called "Mobilize your assignments"), or at least that's where it stems from. I do enjoy the quests - they're a great way of learning an...
    Adam Craik
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  • Applause for the Improvements to Canvas Mobile

    The improvements made to the Canvas Mobile app demonstrate that its development team is singing the same melody as the teacher-instructor promoters who run their courses on Canvas.   The driv...
    Ron Marx
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  • Teaching better use of mobiles

    I find a tension between students and teachers over mobile devices and there use in High School.  Many students cannot yet regulate their use and are constantly distracted by all the social media and ev...
    Isobel Williams
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  • Mobile Update - Fall 2018 edition!

    It’s about time we published an update from the Canvas mobile teams, don’t you think?   Here are some fall start highlights -- in descending order of how much they excited me:   Neighbor’s ...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • I am New to this group

    I would like to start to get to know some people, in this group!
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  • Learner Device Preferences

    Oregon State surveyed over 2,000 of their ecampus students about their device preferences and were surprised with some of the results (according to a Webinar I attended that was hosted by the researchers Mary Ell...
    Denise Dejonghe
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