• Issue with LTI Video Tools and Pages in Canvas Student App

    So is there going to be a solution to how embedded LTI tools act in the mobile app?  Specifically LTI video tools embedded into a Canvas page require the end user to click a button called "Launch External Tool."&...
    Michael Mace
    created by Michael Mace
  • Huge Flaw with Student App

    Upon investigating a grade dispute from a student, I found a major flaw in the Canvas Student App. The student took two screenshots of their grades in the Student app- one after completing their final exam and on...
    Yumia Hobbs
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  • Canvas Conferences on Canvas Student

    There are two features that have been part of Canvas for a long, long, long time that haven't worked on mobile. Conferences and Collaborations. While I don't have anything new to report for Collaborations, there has b...
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  • Best Design for Mobile Users?

    I use Canvas exclusively with my face-to-face classes. I post assignments and instructional handouts/resources there; students submit all their work through Canvas; I use many Canvas features: the calendar, grade book...
    Teeka James
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  • Student orientations to Canvas & mobile phone settings

    Are there any very simple examples of a student overview orientation guide on how to use canvas. We are a small training organisation and don't need anything overly complicated. Also any guidelines on the best wa...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Canvas Parent short presentation  

    Hi all!  My colleague and I have been asked to give a short presentation on what we are doing this year to the district PTO Parent Advisory Council next week. We are Technology Integration Specialists, and there ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Canvas Student App Data

    I'm an instructional designer at a large university, and am putting together a training for faculty on the Canvas Student App.  I would like to include data regarding how many students utilize the app.  I fe...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Canvas Student 6.6 | Debrief!

    Now that we've had the chance to work with Canvas Student 6.6 for a bit, let's catch up!   What is your favorite update? What have you seen that you wish would be a little different?
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Example of javascript for mobile apps

    Hi there!   I am trying to find example code of javascript for the mobile apps (uploaded via the theme editor in Canvas)     Just an example so i can see and verify that it works   The goal fur...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Split Screen

    Come on Mobile Users, get behind this idea and vote! Split/Dual Screen for iOS App   This will enhance the interactive aspect of Canvas!
    Hamza Mukaddam
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  • Student App - Course Homepage Concerns

    Creating innovative course homepages has allowed us to do some really cool things with our professional development and training shells in Canvas. For our most current endeavour, we wanted to make our course homepage ...
    Rebecca Helmer
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  • H5P.com beta testing

    Me: Educational Technologist recently invited to the H5P.com LTI for Canvas beta testing. You: Also using the beta, or curious about H5P & Canvas integration.   I'm looking for mobile-friendly assignments, ...
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  • Recommendations for Organizing Bookmarks, Followings, and Groups (Oh My!)

    Good Morning Fellow Canvasphiles!   To be sure, there are a myriad of helpful, exciting resources available in our Community!  As a matter of fact, I "geek-out" and feel like a kid in a virtual candy-store!...
    Gregory Beyrer
    created by Gregory Beyrer
  • Canvas Student/Canvas Web Feature Comparison

    Does anybody have a resource showing what features are not yet available on the Canvas mobile app(s)? We are implementing now and I'd like to get ahead of any gotchas we may hear about from students this fall.
    Julie Fountain
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  • Canvas Teacher Modules is Available

    The most requested feature for the Canvas Teacher app, Module access, is now available in the Canvas Teacher app 1.8 for Android and iOS.        The first implementation of modules is fairly stra...
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  • Module View in Teacher App

    TL;DRModule-view in Teacher App saves me from flipping back and forth to know where things land.   Describe your mobile idea.In short, we need the Module view in the Teacher App. As an online instructor, I someti...
    Alan Kinsey
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  • Student View on Phone Apps

    It's 2019, and I can guarantee that 90%+ of my students use their phones, not even their tablets, for their online courses, and often even to access material for their live courses. It's absolutely imperative tha...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Front Page Mobile vs Browser

    Can anyone provide tips on aligning the front page of a course in canvas (particularly the syllabus as the front page), as seen in a browser, versus what appears first in the mobile app? Do students really have ...
    Bridget O'Hanlon
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  • Canvas Mobile App

    I'm just wondering if anyone has made any kind of case study/studies on the use of the Canvas mobile app, for both students and staff and are willing to share?   At this moment in time, we don't officially ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Observer Role and Parent App for Academic Advisors

    I recently meet with my University's Academic Services for Student-Athletes and they were so very excited about what this simple role and app could offer them. They then asked, "do you know if anyone else is doing thi...
    created by cms_hickss