• Default notifications in the app

    hi we have been doing some evaluations with students. We are getting some really positive feedback on the student app. We also believe it is increasing engagement in the courses, particularly through announcements. H...
    James Turner
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  • Canvas & iPads - HELP!

    Now that the new Canvas update has been sent out, stating that "student annotations do not stick," meaning that when a student edits a PDF (text box, highlighting, filling in graphic organizer, pen feature, etc.), non...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Change Header Image on Mobile Login Page

    I worked with James Jordan from our good neighbor at Valencia College to figure out how to change the header on the mobile web and mobile app login page for Canvas. Below is how you can do it yourself (NOTE:...
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  • InstructureCarn 2018 - Mobile View

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on what to expect at InstructureCarn 2018. I hope to meet some of you we'll out in Keystone!    Mobile Presentations:   NOTE: This year won't have...
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  • Canvas Student v6.2.7 for iOS

    The Canvas Student app for iOS just released an update and includes a bunch of bug fixes. If you were having any of the following issue, test the app again. If it fixes or doesn't fix your issues, please share!  ...
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  • Canvas Teacher App Push Notifications

    Hi Everyone! Hope your year is off an amazing start.    I wanted to bring attention to information that was discussed in another post related to Canvas Teacher app push notifications. I'm curious what every...
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  • Two questions about formatting

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the Student app and I have two things I'd like to submit as feature requests, but I thought I'd ask here to be sure they are a) appropriate, b) haven't been already requested, c) are not alr...
    Peter Hess
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  • InstructureCarn, anyone?

    Hi fellow CMUG'ers,    Is anyone here going to InstructureCARN 2018 in July? If so, let everyone know in the thread. It might be nice to meet up and put the face to the name, play a carnival game, or z...
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  • Grade Totals in the Apps (K12)

    I wanted to start a discussion about his issue before I create an idea around it. My school district uses our SIS grade book for all reporting purposes such as progress reports, report cards, and transcripts. Tha...
    Matt Hanes
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  • Best Design for Mobile Users?

    I use Canvas exclusively with my face-to-face classes. I post assignments and instructional handouts/resources there; students submit all their work through Canvas; I use many Canvas features: the calendar, grade book...
    Teeka James
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  • Migrating from Moodle to Canvas...

    <sulking>"Hi, we are currently in the process of migrating some courses to Canvas from Moodle and am finding some of the features of Canvas frustrating/confusing. These include not having a grid view option insi...
  • Share the great things your K12 teachers are doing w iPads

    Hi:  I'm the System Admin and Trainer in my K12 district -- its our first year in Canvas -- and the most challenging thing has been supporting our elementary and middle school teachers, whose students have iPads....
    Hildi Pardo
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  • Google and O365 Authentication for Mobile

    Hello everyone. I found an interesting discussion post from Daniel Gilogley about Google and O365 authentication on mobile browsers and the mobile apps. Thought, I'd share:    https://community.canvaslms.co...
  • Using the iOS Apps and Frameworks from Github

    When trying to set up the Xcode project provided on Github, I get 22 warnings and 3 errors. The errors are all related to the Podfile. When running pod install I get: [!] No podspec found for `BVLinearGradient` in `...
  • Canvas Teacher App: Include Submission Comments filter in Inbox

    For the mobile Canvas Teacher app, please include "Submission Comments" as a filter in Canvas Conversations/Inbox.   In desktop Canvas, a filter is available to view all (including all new) Submission Comments b...
    Sky V. King (FIU Online)
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  • Suggestions for Android Video Editing Apps

    I will be doing a workshop on video editing and accessibility soon. I currently have iPhone so I am not sure what video editing apps to suggest for Android. What are your favorites and why?    ...
    Susan Nugent
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  • Teacher Rubric Enhancements

    TL;DRChanges to the Teacher app to make rubrics work more consistently   Describe your mobile idea.Load dashboard and to-do lists faster. (I sometimes get a notification that there's something to grade in to-do a...
    Emily Springfield
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  • CSS/JS and Canvas Mobile

    I wanted to point everyone to a post by Peyton Craighill about CSS and JS with the iOS apps. I thought it might be helpful for developers and content creators who want a better understanding about how this all works: ...
  • What CSS/Javascript customizations do you add to your mobile themes?

    Hello all,   Would anyone be willing to share and describe what css/javascript code that you may use on your themes for Canvas mobile apps?   Specifically, I want to hide the color overlay in the Canvas t...
    Evan West
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  • Cloud Assignment support

    The most requested support function we get is for google cloud assignments to work in the student app.  As a school district, we are completely steeped in Google Docs for education and with that the need to ...
    Camilla Gagliolo
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