• Working with New Quizzes in Canvas Mobile

    Since the release of the New Quizzes platform in June 2018, there have been many advances. Here are some things that you should know about New Quizzes on Canvas Mobile.   CREATING A NEW QUIZ In order to create ...
    Kelvin Dean
    created by Kelvin Dean
  • Canvas Conferences on Canvas Student

    There are two features that have been part of Canvas for a long, long, long time that haven't worked on mobile. Conferences and Collaborations. While I don't have anything new to report for Collaborations, there has b...
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  • Parent App How-To Guides

    If you're looking for printer-friendly how-to guides for parents who are self-registering for Canvas, here's what we've come up with:   Self-registering in Canvas Parent (parent perspective) Creating a pai...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Let's Role with Canvas Mobile

        Presentation Title Let's Role with Canvas Mobile Ryan Seilhamer - UCF (Orlando, Florida)  Kristin Lundstrum - DeLaSalle High School (Minneapolis, Minnesota)   Abstract / Session Overview ...
  • Let's Role with Canvas Mobile

    Ryan Seilhamer Kristin Lundstrum     Canvas supports many roles, but have you ever wondered how this translates to the Canvas Mobile apps? Come learn about which features matter most, how Canvas roles impa...
  • Canvas Mobile Update - Spring 2020 Preview

    With so many institutions moving to online instruction during the pandemic, Canvas Mobile is due for a big update!   New Features QR for Mobile Login (Available starting March 28 for students, April 4 f...
    Kelvin Dean
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  • 7 Best Apps For Students

    We usually talk about the risks of having your smartphone or tablet close when you are studying, since they are an inexhaustible source of interruptions and distractions. But these devices can also become your best al...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • Best Design for Mobile Users?

    I use Canvas exclusively with my face-to-face classes. I post assignments and instructional handouts/resources there; students submit all their work through Canvas; I use many Canvas features: the calendar, grade book...
    Teeka James
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  • Essential Mobile Resources

    Right now, there's a lot to balance, especially if you're moving a face-to-face class completely online. Canvas Mobile will allow you to access the Canvas features you need the most frequently efficiently and allow yo...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Unpack Those Docs!* Best Practices for Course Design

    *You'll be glad you did.   In providing support for faculty and courses, certain best practices have been validated repeatedly.  One of those is optimizing Canvas content pages to increase the likelihood ...
    Rachael Sweeten
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  • Ready or Not: Tips for Quick Transitioning to Online Course Format

    In response to disease epidemics (Covid-19 Coronavirus) many schools are transitioning to online courses, ready or not.     Ideally, online courses are thoughtfully produced using multimedia, Universal Desi...
    Rachael Sweeten
    created by Rachael Sweeten
  • Why can’t mobile reply in line to discussion?

    I’ve looked but I can’t find this. Please direct if this is a repeat.   Is there a reason you can’t reply in line to discussions in the mobile app? On the web you can still read and interact wit...
  • Student App network error

    Has anyone encountered this issue on their EDU WiFi network?   For iOS devices only users on our EDU WiFi network are experiencing a Server Error - "401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid crede...
    Joe Fahs
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  • 09.20.16 Open Discussion Notes

    On September 20th, Ryan Seilhamer led Canvas Mobile Users Group through a great Open Discussion. We talked about many things MOBILE, and it was wonderful to see so many people in the meet-up! The notes below act as a ...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Canvas Parent 3.1 Beta

    Canvas Parent 3.1 beta for Android and iOS - incoming!   Android 3.1 beta link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.instructure.parentapp    iOS 3.1 beta link: https://testflight.a...
    Peyton Craighill
    created by Peyton Craighill
  • Student orientations to Canvas & mobile phone settings

    Are there any very simple examples of a student overview orientation guide on how to use canvas. We are a small training organisation and don't need anything overly complicated. Also any guidelines on the best wa...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How Instructure Does Mobile

    We’re at nine million monthly active users of the Canvas mobile apps, which is many millions more than when I last posted about Instructure’s approach to mobile. If you’re new to Canvas, or if you...
    Peyton Craighill
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  • Problems with Mobile App and Media Server Authentication

    Hello Canvas: I'm working at a fully online college where we use a digital assets server for ease of content management. Unfortunately, students using the Canvas mobile app are not able to see embedded media...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Custom config for student app

    Has anyone tried deploying the student settings to enable "Reset cache on next launch"? I tried the following code to configure it through the student app from our MDM, but that doesn't work.    <dict>...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Concluded Groups on Mobile App

    We are receiving requests from students to remove the groups that they were a part of in prior terms from the dashboard of the mobile app. Has anyone else experienced this?   The course moves into concluded sta...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones