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David Hall
We have a page which was created in a course and links to an item in the course navigation (specifically, the Syllabus). The link was added using the Content Selector on the right-hand side of the page. When copying that page to another course, that link would update to be relative to the course it was copied into.   However, when that page is… (Show more)
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Maryanne Mills
Hi, I am trying to update a page in a course I previously shared to Commons.  I am following the instruction at "How do I update a resource I previously shared to Commons" but I am not getting the "Select Update Option". Instead, when I click the "Share to Commons" link next to the page I updated, it tries to export it as a new resource--a… (Show more)
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Nathan Atkinson
Click to view contentThis document outlines the steps to install and configure Commons in a self-hosted instance of Canvas. If you are not using self-hosted Canvas, please refer to the Commons guides.   Note: Self-hosted Canvas Commons instances can only share and view public resources.   Add Developer Key    In Account Navigation, click the Developer Keys link or…
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Bill Puentes
I teach in a nursing program. Our students are required to answer 'all that apply' questions to prepare them to be successful on their end-of-program licensing exam. Currently, if a student only selects some of the correct responses to a question but miss other correct responses Canvas assigns partial credit for the question. Is there a way to set… (Show more)
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Victor Rosario
If I swapped for a class and the new class is online will it show up in my web courses too or there some other website?
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Michael Kerchner
Click to view contentHas anyone integrated two branched sections of a course  in McMillan's LaunchPad into a Canvas cross listed course?  Are the sections automatically distinguished in their correct section in Canvas?   Mike   LaunchPad Linked Sections....  will Canvas cross-listed courses place students into the proper sections in Canvas?  Here is a Screenshot of… (Show more)
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Bethany Davis
I just transferred districts, and one of the main reasons why I chose the new district is because they utilized Canvas. There are a lot of different features the second district uses the first one didn't.  One aspect I loved was the Roll Call feature.     I've been trying to figure out how to grade for participation.  I teach ASL, and one of the… (Show more)
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Zsofi Goreczky
With InstructureCon just over a month away we’d like to start a conversation that we can continue there and beyond. Please contribute to one of the topics listed here, or all!  We’re looking forward to hearing your insights and perspective! Community Conversation Right here, right now, let’s have a conversation on these topics.  Post your… (Show more)
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Anthony Bunag
If someone leaves an institution (and their account is disabled or deleted in Canvas) what happens to the materials they've hosted in Commons?
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