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Diamond Eddington
I can't get my calendar or dashboard to come up, do I need to change my settings? any help is greatly appreciated.
Zsofi Goreczky
Click to view contentWith Monday’s Canvas Beta release, we released an improvement for importing favorite course objects from Commons to Canvas.    Why have we built it?  When our users find a great resource in Commons, they may not necessarily know which course they would like to import it to. Maybe the course doesn’t even exist in Canvas yet. So they can favorite… (Show more)
in Commons Users Group
Kathy Hayes
I see that many university help sites are still pointing to: which used to be a page that listed some Canvas course examples (by topic, etc.). Can anyone tell me how to find that page or something like it again or another strategy for showing some course examples in an open site? (I'm not looking for… (Show more)
in Commons Users Group
Scott Hughes
We are a small Univ. seeking some help with a Custom Certificate CSS/JS that got overwritten and lost due to the Instructure Catalog update on 12/21/2019.     Please drop me a line.   Sincerely,   Scott
in Commons Users Group
Zsofi Goreczky
Click to view contentWe are happy to let you know that a Beta environment version of Commons is available.    Why have we built it?  Previously, Commons hasn’t had a Beta version, and even if you used Canvas Beta, it had production Commons configured with it.    Having a Beta environment for Commons allows you to access a preview of what is coming. Admins can create… (Show more)
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Ndola Carlest
Has anyone used  Did you find it beneficial?  Do you have any tips for use?
Eulide Benn
I have done part one   it show completed part 2 Final Exam  it  visible At the last step to load the exam I am getting error Error: Internal Error Error Activation Expired   this is very frustrating I have tried different browser What ever browser I try  I am getting pup up browser not supported
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