Making Canvas Training Fun!

Blog Post created by Administrator on Mar 30, 2016

If you search Commons (public) for Canvas training materials, you'll get a solid array of resources! Whether it's Mark James's "Professor-TA Training Course" or Kelley L. Meeusen's "Advanced Canvas Training Course" or Stefanie Sanders' "Canvas' Best-Kept Secrets" (inspired by Re: Your ideas of Canvas' best kept secrets), most of these resources are chalk-full of tips to help acclimate faculty to Canvas and enhance the training experience.


But then we find a gem that makes us smile, knowing there are so many teachers out there being creative with their trainings. This month, we discovered Erin L. Baker's interactive course "Gamified, Self-paced, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Training for Faculty". We couldn't help but import the course and check out the adventure for ourselves!


Gamification of Canvas courses comes in many forms, of course (if you haven't imported Jared Ward's "Badges for Learning" course, you should). But Baker does a great job by creating a sequence of activities with a classic form of in-page navigation. Nice!!


Do you have a fun way of designing courses? Share it to Commons!

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