• Have you ever lost content because of a "copy" overwrite?

    I'm trying to get a request up voted where we have a real "copy and dissociate", where you can copy someting from commons (or really anywhere) and be able to to say "copy/import this, but forget the association with t...
    Jim Burnham
    created by Jim Burnham
  • Does anyone have experience in replicating Blackboard Organizations in Canvas Commons?

    Does anyone have experience in replicating Blackboard Organizations in Canvas Commons?   Hi, our institution is moving to Canvas in Summer 19 and as an instructional designer, I'm trying to assess if I should sto...
    Cynthia Hatch
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  • Adding an Assignment to Groups

    As you all know, when we create groups and then designate an assignment to the group, they don’t actually see the assignment within their group space. They would have to grab the document from the assignmen...
    Christine Draper
    created by Christine Draper
  • Preparing for Campus Closure due to Coronavirus: On-campus to Online

    Hi all!  We are starting to prepare our entire campus here at FAU (Boca Raton, FL) for anything that might happen due to the Coronavirus, such as students needing to work off campus due to quarantine or if the ca...
    Emily Frank
    created by Emily Frank
  • How does Commons courses with Google Cloud Assignments work?

    We have a few courses that are on our Canvas Commons instance that have Google Cloud Assignments. The problem is, when a teacher makes a copy of that course, they do not have access to the Google Cloud Assignment docu...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Help re-creating a overwritten CSS/JS Enrollment Certificate.

    We are a small Univ. seeking some help with a Custom Certificate CSS/JS that got overwritten and lost due to the Instructure Catalog update on 12/21/2019.     Please drop me a line.   Sincerely, ...
    Scott Hughes
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  • Questions about Portfolium

    Has anyone used portfolium.com?  Did you find it beneficial?  Do you have any tips for use?
    Ndola Carlest
    created by Ndola Carlest
  • We need your feedback

    The Commons team here at in Instructure is researching how to better support Instructors in finding the content they need. We have put together a survey to gain insight into how Commons searched and content is discove...
    Zsofi Goreczky
    created by Zsofi Goreczky
  • Let's start a discussion now and continue it at InstCon

    With InstructureCon just over a month away we’d like to start a conversation that we can continue there and beyond. Please contribute to one of the topics listed here, or all!  We’re looking forward t...
    Zsofi Goreczky
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  • See you at InstCon

    This is a reminder that we are hosting a Commons Workshop at InstructureCon. If you use Commons and are interested in giving us feedback on problems and how you would solve them, meet us July 10, 10:55 am in Room S-7...
    Zsofi Goreczky
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  • Read Aloud for Canvas

    We are expanding Canvas implementation for next year.  We use Chromebooks and PCs.  What are the best solutions for both OS for students to get read aloud that need it?
    Danny Plyler
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  • Curated Commons for an Account

    I'm working on aligning all curriculum across our district. One thing I'd like to be able to do is share resources with each content area for each month (or quarter, etc) they can use with their students. I know the C...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • New to canvas

    Its the first day of online orientation and I've found that it is overwhelming.  I'm supposed to practice.  Practice assignments, quizzes and discussions, submitting an assignment.  If someone could hel...
    Elizabeth Norris
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  • Admin role in Commons

    Does anyone here has used the approved content feature in Commons? Does Commons allow to receive a notification if I have to approve content? How could I know it? What are the permissions of the admin role in Common...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How do you want to share resources in Commons?

    We would like to know how you would ideally share resources in Commons? Please share example stories of how you would consider sharing a specific resource so we can better understand your sharing needs. Thank you so m...
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  • Share your Canvas Commons "Roll-Out Stories"

    Our institution just activated Canvas Commons. The technology department is really excited to bring Commons to teachers, but we would like to do some direct training before full implementation. There is a lot of great...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • PROJECT: Earth Day Resources

    What is the goal of your project? Earth day is coming up! And I'd like to modify existing resources (or create new ones from scratch) related to Earth Day!   What type of resource(s) do you want to create? I thou...
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