• Where can I view elementary Canvas templates?

    Where can I view elementary Canvas templates?
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Have you ever lost content because of a "copy" overwrite?

    I'm trying to get a request up voted where we have a real "copy and dissociate", where you can copy someting from commons (or really anywhere) and be able to to say "copy/import this, but forget the association with t...
    Jim Burnham
    created by Jim Burnham
  • User Data

    Morning All,   I am trying to determine the role associated with a user in the User_dim table. I haven't been able to find an entity relationship diagram for Canvas Data so any help much appreciated in terms of ...
    Nick Yee
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    How do I UNHIDE grades? I have never had this problem before, but the last two assignment grades I posted are hidden from students. I did not intend to hide them. How do I UNHIDE them?
  • Login for dreambox

  • Does anyone have experience in replicating Blackboard Organizations in Canvas Commons?

    Does anyone have experience in replicating Blackboard Organizations in Canvas Commons?   Hi, our institution is moving to Canvas in Summer 19 and as an instructional designer, I'm trying to assess if I should sto...
    Cynthia Hatch
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  • Get quiz questions' related data using Canvas API

    To whom it may concern,   I am currently in the process of retrieving all of the students’ responses in a quiz and while working with the API for Quiz Questions, I noticed that the array for Answers has a ...
    Kash Sivaji
    created by Kash Sivaji
  • Virtual reality - Captivate 360 - Does it work on Canvas?

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    Patricia Costa
    created by Patricia Costa
  • Commons improvements for remote teaching

    From the first moment when COVID19 hit the entire world, we saw that sharing information and its significance has increased. Right now, people are supposed to communicate even more than they are used to, and when it c...
    Zsofi Goreczky
    created by Zsofi Goreczky
  • How do I restore/import deleted templates?

    How can I add/restore deleted templates?
    Melinda Ittenbach
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  • How do I add or edit details in an assignment?

    When you create an assignment, you'll add details for the assignment such as the description, file submission types, and point value. If you create an assignment shell, you must edit the assignment to add the assignme...
    Emily Bennett
    created by Emily Bennett
  • Adding an Assignment to Groups

    As you all know, when we create groups and then designate an assignment to the group, they don’t actually see the assignment within their group space. They would have to grab the document from the assignmen...
    Christine Draper
    created by Christine Draper
  • New Quizzes 404 Error?

    Hi There   First time posting here, I am doing some testing in the New Quizzes and for some reason the 404 page not found message appears for a few seconds then loads the Quiz itself.    Basically all...
    Moura Kabalan
    created by Moura Kabalan
  • Break Out Zoom groups & Canvas Group integration?

    Is it possible to integrate Canvas groups with Zoom? I have a very large class and they have been using the Canvas groups. I'd like those groups to be Break Out groups in Zoom. Any advice?
    Erika Bsumek
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  • Integration with Salesforce

    Our non-profit org is using Canvas for training (training courses) the needy and currently we are working on developing the management system using Salesforce. Internal users should able to see how many courses does e...
    Rameshu Immadi
    last modified by Rameshu Immadi
  • Fast Facts Discussion

    Hello All, I am so new at this considering this is my first class. For the Fast Facts Discussion assignment I was told to find a sub-topic with my peers but I am not sure how to join a group. I'd appreciate it if som...
  • Fast Facts Group Discussion

    Hello All, I am barely starting my first class so I am very new at this. To complete the Fast Facts Discussion assignment I was told I need to find a sub-topic with my peers but I'm not sure how to join the specific...
  • Share a direct link to an item on the Commons.

    Is there a way to send a direct link to an item in Commons.   Example: I have a quiz on the commons, want to share the link so faculty can access it directly.    Thanks, 
    Will Carpenter
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  • Survey: ID/EdTech Competencies across Sectors

    Our team at Purdue University is conducting a research on competencies needed for professionals in the fields of instructional design and educational technologies/technology coaches working across different sectors, i...
    Iryna Ashby
    last modified by Iryna Ashby
  • Preparing for Campus Closure due to Coronavirus: On-campus to Online

    Hi all!  We are starting to prepare our entire campus here at FAU (Boca Raton, FL) for anything that might happen due to the Coronavirus, such as students needing to work off campus due to quarantine or if the ca...
    Emily Frank
    created by Emily Frank