• How does Commons courses with Google Cloud Assignments work?

    We have a few courses that are on our Canvas Commons instance that have Google Cloud Assignments. The problem is, when a teacher makes a copy of that course, they do not have access to the Google Cloud Assignment docu...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Suicide Prevention Course for Higher Education

    We are interested in identifying (quickly) a SUICIDE PREVENTION TRAINING PROGRAM (faculty and/or students) that we could offer through Canvas.  Does anybody know-of or have such a program that already exists?
    Sara Carpenter
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  • Help us improve Commons!

    With the last Canvas release, we released a survey on the Commons Search page.   We are researching how to better support instructors in finding the content they need, how search is used, and content is discovere...
    Zsofi Goreczky
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  • Canvas Attendance to SIS

    We want to push our Canvas attendance to our SIS.  Do you have documentation on how to take attendance in Canvas and send it to the SIS?  We use Campus Nexus for our SIS.  We also want the default for ...
    created by JEROME GRATIGNY
  • Display Error on Canvas Commons

    I uploaded content to Commons. Everything displayed fine. Then I came back to upload an updated version and got this message:  So I waited a week. Still got the same message. The content would download properl...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • I would like to get the data from the attached screen into a .csv for all students for the current grading period.

    Sonya Moffett
    created by Sonya Moffett
  • help

    I can't get my calendar or dashboard to come up, do I need to change my settings? any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Improved Commons Favorites Import

    With Monday’s Canvas Beta release, we released an improvement for importing favorite course objects from Commons to Canvas.    Why have we built it?  When our users find a great resource in Common...
    Zsofi Goreczky
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  • Example courses?

    I see that many university help sites are still pointing to: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-3486 which used to be a page that listed some Canvas course examples (by topic, etc.). Can anyone tell me...
    Kathy Hayes
    created by Kathy Hayes
  • Help re-creating a overwritten CSS/JS Enrollment Certificate.

    We are a small Univ. seeking some help with a Custom Certificate CSS/JS that got overwritten and lost due to the Instructure Catalog update on 12/21/2019.     Please drop me a line.   Sincerely, ...
    Scott Hughes
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  • Commons Beta

    We are happy to let you know that a Beta environment version of Commons is available.    Why have we built it?  Previously, Commons hasn’t had a Beta version, and even if you used Canvas Beta, it ...
    Zsofi Goreczky
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  • Questions about Portfolium

    Has anyone used portfolium.com?  Did you find it beneficial?  Do you have any tips for use?
    Ndola Carlest
    created by Ndola Carlest
  • I am trying to take the final assesment for my course

    I have done part one   it show completed part 2 Final Exam  it  visible At the last step to load the exam I am getting error Error: Internal Error Error Activation Expired   this is ver...
    Eulide Benn
    created by Eulide Benn
  • Installing Commons, Error: Incomplete response received from application

    This is an issue I have been going around in circles over for the past several days. I am currently attempting to install Canvas Commons in a Self-Hosted environment using the opensource deployment from github. I...
    last modified by GEO MORRIS
  • Why I cannot login Canvas Commons ?

    Why  I cannot login on Commons? Canvas Commons   Everytime I receive error {"errors":[{"param":"server-error","msg":"There was an error"}]} I am logged on our University Canvas  https:...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Separate Group Sets in Self Sign-up

    I have set up 3 self sign-up groups sets in a course. I hoped that when students sign up for a group, each group would have its own tab and have the same look that I see in the admin screen. However, I discovered all ...
    Danna Duncan
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  • Error when set up self-hosted Canvas Commons

    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • We need your feedback

    The Commons team here at in Instructure is researching how to better support Instructors in finding the content they need. We have put together a survey to gain insight into how Commons searched and content is discove...
    Zsofi Goreczky
    created by Zsofi Goreczky
  • Commons pages and relative links

    We have a page which was created in a course and links to an item in the course navigation (specifically, the Syllabus). The link was added using the Content Selector on the right-hand side of the page. When copying t...
    David Hall
    last modified by David Hall
  • Select Update Option in Commons

    Hi, I am trying to update a page in a course I previously shared to Commons.  I am following the instruction at "How do I update a resource I previously shared to Commons" but I am not getting the "Select U...
    Maryanne Mills
    last modified by Maryanne Mills