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Nicholas Wisseman
One of the things I love about Canvas is that there are so many official "how-to" tutorials available online. Users have to go searching for them, though. It would be great if, on a given page, links to relevant tutorials displayed by default or popped up after you clicked a "Help" link. For example, if you clicked the "Help" link on the…
Moira Sullivan
Change language on CANVAS help  --no link to adjust language of this help platform
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Robert Carroll
Click to view contentA curated list of CanvasLMS Community and Open Source contributions. Inspired by GitHub - sindresorhus/awesome: Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics (   For more information see CanvasLMS Awesome List Contributions changelog Contents CanvasLMS Canvas Admin Canvas Instructor Instructional Design Canvas Mobile Canvas…
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David Seaton
It's so cool to know that I can do things that I've never done before. After 30+ years from graduating high school, I'm attending college again. Scared, but fun.
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OPEN     Description Community members are not accumulating points or receiving points associated with badges. The Community Team is not able to manually award quest badges.   We have had a case open with Lithium on this issue with Jive Rewards since July 2019.    Steps to reproduce Navigate to your Canvas Community profile Click on the…
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Click to view contentIt can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when a community coalesces but since at least 2011 people have been interacting with Instructure and helping each other with Canvas in online forums and message boards. In those early days, a few hundred people were involved. Today, that community passes a significant milestone as more than 500,000 people… (Show more)
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Rebecca Penina Simon
I am having issues with some of the missions and quests tasks not working properly.  It seems to not be saving the checkmark showing that I completed various tasks.  So I guess there's some kind of glitch.  To whom do I report that?  Thanks.
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Tulga Erarslan
I am trying to query Canvas with API, so I can get a list of all the courses with specific course settings. For example. the courses with " Students can only participate in the course between these dates" check box is checked. I know the field name. However, my get request totally ignores the parameter during the API call. I tired passing the… (Show more)
Bobby Pedersen
Click to view contentI’ve noticed a word pop up a lot lately in the Community. ‘Thanks’ So simple. Yet it says that support has been acknowledged. Time and effort have been recognised. Kindness noticed. I’ve seen it especially when community people have offered help with a question, problem solved, shared an idea or resource.   That’s all that needs to be said.… (Show more)
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Steph Barry
Hi,    There is a member of staff at our college that is using a Blueprint for some of his courses. He has been fine with most thing but has encountered an issue. There has been a link set up in the Local Navigation that link to a page in the course the page has been Locked on the Blueprint. When Synced this hasn't worked on two of the three… (Show more)
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