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Layne Heiny
Click to view contentHi   I wasn’t sure if the community admin team knew about the issue in the upper right hand corner when viewing this site on an iPad — chrome browser. Here is the screenshot.      I hope this is helpful. 
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Imogen Drew
Ok I'm new to this and this might sound a bit dense but WHERE do I find the questions I have actually asked myself?  Is there a record somewhere of what we ourselves ask? Thank you
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Renee Carney
Click to view content  You to the power of education As the makers of Canvas, Instructure believes education is one of the world's most powerful forces for change.  This spring we're asking students, "How will a college education give you the power to achieve your dreams?"  We hope you'll answer with stories that share your dreams and ambitions.   What’s in it for… (Show more)
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Nicholas Wisseman
One of the things I love about Canvas is that there are so many official "how-to" tutorials available online. Users have to go searching for them, though. It would be great if, on a given page, links to relevant tutorials displayed by default or popped up after you clicked a "Help" link. For example, if you clicked the "Help" link on the…
Nicholas Jones
Click to view contentI was so excited by this month's blogging challenge - and now that the school year has ended, it feels like the right time for reflecting and cleaning up. Everyone has a few beliefs or assumptions as starting points for how they design, and those beliefs will color how we answer these questions. Here are some of mine: The reason we design and… (Show more)
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Ken Cooper
I'll preface this by saying that I love the Canvas Community!  The people are so great, and extremely helpful, and I have made so many great connections here.   That said, I would love to see Instructure add some level of trackability to documentation changes within the Canvas Community.  I follow a great deal of the folks in here that update…
Tina E Busch
Click to view content  Here in Australia we are four months into the school year, the weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Courses are now settled and hitting that nice mid-year flow, the perfect time to sit back and review where our course is at. For Canvas users in the northern hemisphere days are getting longer, the blossoms are out and the… (Show more)
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Tobe Baeyens
Click to view contentShare how you approach course design. How do you organize content so it’s efficient for both instructors and students? What tips and/or tools can you share? Assignments are the fundamental building blocks in a Canvas course. They are the milestones that students can achieve. Assignments can be big Assignments that are placed at the end of a… (Show more)
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