Renee Carney

How did Adam Williams become a Coach?

Blog Post created by Renee Carney Administrator on Jul 29, 2015

When and why did you join the Community?

Not so long ago I was a student at Coconino Community College. Being a nerd, I looked up Canvas and was really impressed that it was open source and started by students. I found my way into a job at the IT help desk and got a limited admin account and my own sandbox. This is probably where I passed the point of no return into Canvasland. Between looking up guides on how to embed fun stuff and answering faculty's questions, I not only found out how easy Canvas was to use, but also how helpful the community members were.


Four months later I had moved from the IT help desk to the teaching and learning center and I was doing even more Canvas work. This was where the majority of faculty support for Canvas happened and this is where I really felt at home. Every day I was getting to help someone with technology that I knew would be put to use making some group of student’s lives better.


Rather abruptly my supervisor, the Instructional Technology Specialist, announced he was moving. It was a dream job for me, but due to my lack of credentials I was not sure if I would get it.


What did you gain from the Community?

Now, a year later, I have been growing in to my new position. I have come to appreciate the people that make up the Canvas community on an entirely new level. The Instructure teams from support and documentation to product, community and CSM’s (yeah, sure you engineers are cool too), and the other admins and faculty, everyone is communicating at a level of respect, helpfulness and maturity (minus the occasional meme) than any other community I have ever been a part of.

Combine my enthusiasm for my job, the reward of helping people solve problems that will help student’s, and the support of thousands of amazing individuals and you have the making of a very happy and productive person. I think that Is what positioned me so well to adopt the new community platform, from its inception, as my most powerful and often relied upon tool. When things were busy at work I wielded the community like a staff of wisdom, when work was slow I channeled good vibes and helpfulness back into it while scouring for any undiscovered nuggets of knowledge.



Why do you think you were approached to coach?

I believe it is this harmony of give and take that I have found with the Canvas community that led to being recognized as a coach. I am grateful for this recognition and look forward to working with each and every one of you.