Renee Carney

How did Kona Jones become a Coach?

Blog Post created by Renee Carney Administrator on Jul 29, 2015

When and why did you join the Community?

When my Institution transitioned to Canvas in 2012, I subscribed to the release notes and started following and commenting on a number of Feature Ideas. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t realize the power (and amazingness) of the “Ask a Question” side of the Community and fumbled along figuring out how to do things on my own. Through the years I continued to be pretty active on the Release Notes and Feature Ideas side of the Community, and in spring 2015 was asked to be part of Project Khaki and a Beta tester for the new Canvas Community.

What did you gain from the Community?

Getting in and testing the new Community was an eye opening experience and I loved the new platform (Jive) and the collaborative feel of the people and the space. I also realized how much I could help other Canvas users by answering questions and providing links to useful resources! I already answer these types of questions for the faculty and students at my Institution, so doing it for the larger Canvas Community seemed like a natural extension of my skills and knowledge.

What characteristics make you a good coach?

In general I thrive on figuring out creative solutions to problems and really enjoy helping people. Even if I’m not completely sure of the answer I try to either find resources that might help or get the right person involved in the discussion. I think I was approached to be a Canvas Coach because my passion (and points) showed how dedicated I was to being an active and helpful member of the Community.


Yet, I’ve found that by being active in the Community and collaborating with other Canvas users I’m learning a lot about Canvas and teaching in an online environment.  For me being a Canvas Coach is a win-win because I’m able to help other Canvas users while also learning and improving my knowledge of Canvas.