Renee Carney

How did Robbie Grant become a Coach?

Blog Post created by Renee Carney Administrator on Jul 29, 2015

When and why did you join the Community?

My institution signed with Instructure in November of 2011.  Once we had signed, I immediately dove into the site, specifically looking at the Admin guide (which at that time was only like 13 pages long!).   After going through that guide, I downloaded the entire Instructor Guide (which was about 350 pages long) and began to create our materials for the migration from Blackboard CE 8 to Canvas.  At the same time I was also assisting with the Ask Dr. C program where we answered WebCT/Blackboard CE/Vista questions for the user community.  As I started to learn how to use Canvas, I started subscribing to the User Forums and noticed that users were asking a lot of questions that were not immediately getting answered.  So, I started answering those that I could and would research and then answer those that I could not initially.



In November of 2012 Matt McGhie contacted me and asked me if I would like to become one of the Canvas Coaches and I think at that time there were only like 4 or 6 of them.  In December 2012 I signed all the paperwork and by January was an official Canvas Coach.


What characteristics make you a good coach?

I am a customer service orientated person and I love helping out other people that are struggling or just simply looking for answers.  The Coaches group has given me insight and a community that I can bounce more difficult questions off of.  I have contacted other Coaches and asked them if they are experiencing certain issues and am able to get answers to questions that I wasn't able to before.


I absolutely love helping out users and hope to continue this journey a while longer.