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Susan Jones

Another fun user day...

Posted by Susan Jones Nov 28, 2016

... Today was yet another "Here's a great idea! Do this!"   that had me spending entirely too much time banging on dead doors.

A.   I got an "invite" into a course that's on the "resources" part of Canvas, and as I'm now aware, all of these instances have separate accounts.   Now, the page to "log in" is the exact same, and I'm asked whether or not I have "a Canvas Account," which of course I do, but not for that "instance" of Canvas.
     All it would take is fixing the language ("Do you have a Canvas Resources account?")   and making the login unique to the instance the way my login information is unique to the instance. I shouldn't have to know what that means yet to be able to sign up for a course that's imploring me not to "fear the code," eh? 



B.       I notice, too, that "VeeJay" is in the "missions" list for a way to earn points.(It's the "rate the videos from old events" mission.   Since I am wanting to watch some of them to learn, I thought I'd rate them, even if I never got to 50.)     Well, you can't actually *do* that anymore  -- or not?    I started to check just in case somebody had revitalized it but...


C:   No, I'm not going to scroll and wait, scroll and wait, scroll and wait for things to load to get to more recent events. Many of the old events are completely outdated and no longer apply; even if it's a topic I'm interested, there's something more recent, though there's not necessarily any way for me to know that.  It does discourage me from perusing old events, too.   So many things here cater to People Who Have Been Around Since Forever.    I suggest that all you People Who've Been Around Since Forever consider whether you want to grow your community, and where... and maybe earn some special reputation points for updating or making things more friendly for whiny newbies like me. (I still get annoyed every time I see my "status update" that's two months old but no, there's no clue how to update that and ... "this user doesn't have a blog," implying that I could have one.) 

      Maybe the consensus," oh, that's part of growing  into the community."    Everybody's been supportive and friendly at eventually figuring out the issues and explaining them, and maybe it's not really the 'model' for Canvas to be *that* "user-friendly." 

   But ... imagine if it were!

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