Stefanie Sanders

Day 4: Peer Badges

Blog Post created by Stefanie Sanders Administrator on Dec 27, 2017

On the fourth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: Four peer badges...


'Tis the season to talk about exchanging gifts! Community members can award badges and points to one another. It's a wonderful way to recognize someone for a job well done, or to create a welcoming atmosphere for someone who just arrived in the Community, or just...because. 


The four peer badges are:


welcome badgethank you badgenice work badgecongratulations badge


The badges come pre-populated with short and simple suggested messages, but you can customize these messages however you wish. Badges and their associated messages are publicly visible to all, so feel free to gush.


Peer badges appear right on the user's profile page, and it's fun to navigate to the profiles of some of our more active and prolific members and scroll down to see the Thank Yous and Nice Works they've racked up, as well as how many badges they've awarded. 


Take it from Bobby Pedersen, who is using peer-to-peer badges to help her teachers in Tasmania participate in the Canvas Community as part of their introduction to the Canvas LMS:

The simple thrill [teachers] get in sending each other a badge is glorious. Then when they see what people share in real life, not just how-to guides, it is heart warming.

As you can see, the spirit of generosity is alive and thriving in the Canvas Community. For more about how you can use peer badges to engage with other members and contribute to the fabric of the Community, have a look at How do I give a badge to another user in the Community?