Amanda Warren Marshall

2018: A Year of Great Change

Blog Post created by Amanda Warren Marshall on Jan 4, 2019

So, I'm the world's worst blogger and terrible about self-reflection--I never seem to accomplish either, no matter how many times I set aside to write with a plethora of good intentions about what the final work product will be. (The fact that Canvas told me I had an auto-saved draft of blog content from 2017  when I started this attempt at blogging is a perfect example. I had a great title and first line reflecting on my University's Canvas migration experience: "I see the light at the end of the tunnel...and it isn't the train," but little other text....oops). But this year, things are different; I can actually complete the Reflect and Celebrate Blogging Challenge as I have a personal topic of change and reflection that practically writes itself (especially when we consider a picture is worth a thousand words). 


On October 10th, I welcomed my first child into the world: James Anthony. As the "math" shows, 100% of 2018 was consumed with my tiny little human (parasite) in one form or another. I'm incredibly thankful for everyone who has been a part of this adventure so far: My husband (head cut off in the cover image, haha) who has been and continues to be a true equitable partner, my mom, other family and friends who are always ready to support in any way they can, and my amazingly supportive and encouraging co-workers--Fred Bidwell, Aimee Hardesty, Beth Mccoy, and Michelle Meazell. It's still weird to "be a parent" but I have at least realized when a form asks for "Mother's Name" it is referring to me not bizarrely asking about my mother, lol. People keep asking how it feels to be a parent...I've yet to figure out a good answer for that--so far, at least, it feels the same as before just with a tiny human hanging around. I'm looking forward to all the challenges and excitment we will experience together in 2019.


Now for the best part of the post: a few cute pictures: 


Baby boy in a bucket James and I making exciting faces baby sitting in a play saucer chair baby in 100% perfect onesie


Here's to 2019 with all of its new discoveries and adventures!