Canvas Community Updates Update

Blog Post created by Administrator on Jan 7, 2019

Over the past few years you may have received "Canvas Community Newsletter" emails from time to time, containing links to top trending community content such as feature ideas and blog posts.  These newsletter emails were automatically generated by our community platform software, Jive.  Some people liked these updates but there were a few problems with them as well.  For one, we didn't have any control over what the algorithm deemed to be trending and sometimes the reasons why something was identified as such were not at all clear.  Also there was no way to opt out of them.  Ultimately we decided to have the update emails disabled in Jive.


If you are interested in receiving digest style updates via email, please check out the options available in your Preferences.  You might also want to keep track of the people, places and content that you follow via the news feed:   For more information on following and news feeds please check out the documentation in Community Getting Started area here in Meta.