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Stories, Insights and Reflections from 2018 in Tasmania

Blog Post created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Jan 14, 2019

Now it’s time to take stock on the year that was in Tasmania – 2018.

We accomplished so much as individuals, as a blended learning team and as a state wide department.

Here are a few highlights from us:

  • Canvas, our brand new Learning Management System (LMS), began in all state schools across the state. It replaced a rather clunky, under-utilised, and unloved LMS.
  • Our Blended Learning Leaders, a team of teachers, supported many schools K-12 across the state.
  • Our Blended Learning Leaders also supported a variety of projects and teams. These continue to grow as people see different potential and purposes for their use.
  • Our talented creative team created templates, courses, resources and gave wise advice to us new to the design game.
  • Our team presented live broadcasts to staff state wide on things blended and Canvas.
  • Canvas was used for state wide moderation and staff professional learning.
  • Remote schools were well supported by our team with visits and ongoing communication.
  • Solid relationships have been built with so many staff members within the Department across the whole state with regards to blending learning and using Canvas.
  • A whole lot of learning and fun happened - and continues to.

So grateful for:

  • A fabulous team of Blended Learning Leaders who are eager to learn, teach each other, problem solve, create, encourage, laugh and support. Alannah   Isobel  Steph  Kate  Rachael and Linda - STARS!  Tracey DeLillo your team is pretty cool too There’s No “Squirrel” in Team: My Year in Review  
  • Teachers who see the potential in blending their learning more and give things a go.
  • Teachers who ask 'so what?' That's gutsy, and paves the way for exciting and deep learning experiences. 
  • Canvas Chat!
  • The Canvas Community and the active members who share ideas and experiences. 
  • APAC - knowing there's a special place for our region in the Community. APAC Thanks to these guys in particular Stuart Ryan, Jayde ColquhounBarrett Doran

What I'm still aiming for:

We can never lose sight, like I did those years ago, about what technology is. It’s a tool. It’s an amplifier. It is not the learning goal. The app, the tool, the device, is not the “game-changer.” What the students do with it for learning is.