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Hello Canvas Family!


2019 continues to be an exciting year for all of us! As you have likely already heard, Instructure announced earlier today that it is acquiring MasteryConnect: Instructure to Acquire Partner MasteryConnect to Launch New Era of Innovative Assessment. This furthers our commitment to helping people learn and develop, from their first day of school to their last day of work.


Teachers in more than 14,000 school districts nationwide use a MasteryConnect product or mobile app for:

  • Formative assessment for immediate feedback, adjusting instruction in the moment with targeted interventions
  • Benchmarking to set proficiency targets and measure growth
  • Collaborative analytics that connect faculty to gain insight into learning trends and instructional approaches

For our higher education customers, MasteryConnect is a powerful assessment tool for programs anywhere along the spectrum from full-fledged CBE to developing programs with prior learning assessments, efficiently capturing and reporting students’ demonstration of skills.


Let’s answer a few overview questions:

What does MasteryConnect do?

  • Innovative Assessment - search, create, and launch for immediate feedback to target interventions and adjust instruction
  • Curriculum Planning - map curriculum by adding lesson plans, activities and videos aligned to standards
  • Benchmark Planning - create benchmarks using item banks, TEIs to deliver and score in the classroom to set proficiency targets and measure growth
  • Teacher Collaboration - fuel PLCs with data-driven insight into learning trends and instructional approaches


How does this acquisition align to the overall Canvas purpose?

This helps us to continue providing you with the latest in teaching and learning technologies by staying at the forefront of innovative assessment, integrated into the learning platform you know and trust.   


How does this improve the existing Canvas experience?

Seamless integration of formative and benchmark assessment tools into the Canvas Learning environment, to easily gather the insights that drive instruction, for a consistent and personalized learning experience.


Will the MasteryConnect offering be made available globally?

MasteryConnect is currently only available to customers in the United States.  We will be exploring the product and engineering requirements to make it available internationally over the coming months.




An announcement like this likely raises some questions, so please feel free to touch base with your CSM, watch for additional opportunities in Community where we will engage in conversation around MasteryConnect as well as general product integration announcements, coming in the near future.

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