Bobby Pedersen

Always Growing - With Canvas

Blog Post created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Aug 5, 2019

When I first started using Canvas I approached the Canvas Community as a source of wisdom and much needed nourishment. Little did I know the treasure I’d discover, the friends I’d make and the things I’d learn. 


Much less did I realise that the stories and tips I had to share would make a difference to others. Receiving messages of thanks for helping others and sharing my insights and experiences has blown me away, as has the depth of conversation generated by discussions I have initiated or blogs I have written.


I have loved that even though it’s all about Canvas – it isn’t really. It’s about the learners. It’s about developing ourselves as better teachers. And we even squeeze in time to share jokes – I love that.


Through all of this Canvas Community sharing I have grown as a teacher, as a learner and as a person. I’ve made discoveries, challenged myself and been able to help others.


My one wish is to hear from others in the community about their ideas and experiences. Taking that first step is daunting but I’m so glad I made mine.