Canvas Status Page Gets Updated

Blog Post created by Administrator on Mar 10, 2020

Tl;dr now includes a link to a per-instance historical status update.


The Canvas status page lives at and tells Canvas users if all systems are running fine, or if Canvas is currently experiencing issues. We are excited to announce two recent updates to the status page to improve your experience.  


Historical Data

Before now, you probably visited the page to get a current snapshot of the status of Canvas, but the content contained no historical information. Now you can see how Canvas has fared over time.  Note that this historical data goes back to last December but will accumulate over time and eventually serve as a replacement for the Canvas Uptime Graphic currently found one the What is Canvas? page.


Custom Reports

The previous status page not only displayed one snapshot in time but also reported any problem for anyone using Canvas anywhere in the world. This approach used to make more sense when fewer people used Canvas and they were mainly logging in from the same geographic area. However, as the Canvas user base has grown and the way people use Canvas has become more complicated, having access to only a global status has become less useful. Going forward you can still see the overall Canvas status, but you can also enter your Canvas URL to see a custom report for just your account, including historical uptime information as well.


We hope that you like these improvements to the status page. This is V.1 of the new custom report with more improvements planned.  Please share any questions or comments you may have below.



Have a great day!


Scott Dennis | Sr.Dir. Community Engagement