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Ahhh! How is March almost over?!? I have no idea where this month has gone! So as to not let my fellow Canvas Community puzzle pieces down, here's a stab at this month's challenge  


What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

There are so many ways to answer this question; however, as I've been pondering it (for almost a month, apparently!) a puzzle analogy keeps coming to mind. We are all unique pieces in a grand community puzzle--we each have an individual, specific purpose, yet we accomplish much more when we work together to complete the larger task/goal. ...but don't envision a normal, rectangular, 500 or 1000 piece puzzle with a well defined image that matches the picture on the box. No no, community is more akin to one of those crazy, borderless puzzles without a single correct solution (like this one of the Earth: Nervous System | Shop | Earth Puzzle ) and sometimes it's more like one of the really crazy ones with hidden and upside-down images and extra pieces that don't really fit ( ...but don't read too much into the pieces that don't really fit...I mean all analogies have to break down somewhere, right?)

Are you a part of a community (Canvas, work, or neighborhood)? 

I am part of many communities; many nested within others. To continue the puzzle analogy, at work, I am part of a small, five member office--one individual cow on the last puzzle link, above, perhaps. We are then a part of our Dean's staff (several cows?), which is a part of our College (a quadrant of the whole puzzle), which is a part of our University (the puzzle as a whole). At each level, we work together to achieve specific parts of our University's overall mission. 


Is there someone part of your community who you admire? 

I could list many people here--my coworkers, those of you who contribute to the greater body of Canvas knowledge, etc. Thanks to everyone! 


What motivates you to be an active participant in your community or group?

 I actively participate because I don't want others to have to pick up my slack, want to be a useful part of my team(s), and know that many people (be it peers or even our students) will suffer if I don't contribute as I should. 


Canvas Community shoutout! 


I'm not sure that we are using Canvas for any unique ways or for any unique purposes, but I do want to say how thankful we are for the Canvas Community as a whole. Just this morning co-workers and I were talking about how all the answers we ever need can be found quickly and easily in the Community! We are thankful for the (always updated) guides and other resources. Thanks to everyone who fulfills the role assigned to their individual puzzle pieces! 



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So, I'm the world's worst blogger and terrible about self-reflection--I never seem to accomplish either, no matter how many times I set aside to write with a plethora of good intentions about what the final work product will be. (The fact that Canvas told me I had an auto-saved draft of blog content from 2017  when I started this attempt at blogging is a perfect example. I had a great title and first line reflecting on my University's Canvas migration experience: "I see the light at the end of the tunnel...and it isn't the train," but little other text....oops). But this year, things are different; I can actually complete the Reflect and Celebrate Blogging Challenge as I have a personal topic of change and reflection that practically writes itself (especially when we consider a picture is worth a thousand words). 


On October 10th, I welcomed my first child into the world: James Anthony. As the "math" shows, 100% of 2018 was consumed with my tiny little human (parasite) in one form or another. I'm incredibly thankful for everyone who has been a part of this adventure so far: My husband (head cut off in the cover image, haha) who has been and continues to be a true equitable partner, my mom, other family and friends who are always ready to support in any way they can, and my amazingly supportive and encouraging co-workers--Fred Bidwell, Aimee Hardesty, Beth Mccoy, and Michelle Meazell. It's still weird to "be a parent" but I have at least realized when a form asks for "Mother's Name" it is referring to me not bizarrely asking about my mother, lol. People keep asking how it feels to be a parent...I've yet to figure out a good answer for that--so far, at least, it feels the same as before just with a tiny human hanging around. I'm looking forward to all the challenges and excitment we will experience together in 2019.


Now for the best part of the post: a few cute pictures: 


Baby boy in a bucket James and I making exciting faces baby sitting in a play saucer chair baby in 100% perfect onesie


Here's to 2019 with all of its new discoveries and adventures! 

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