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Bradley Moser

Reasons I ❤️ Canvas

Posted by Bradley Moser Champion Feb 13, 2020

I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!


Dear Canvas,


While living in Southwest Missouri, working on my Master's degree in Instructional Technology, teaching high school physics, and coaching soccer, I fell in love with Canvas. Maybe it was because I had a real authentic reason to be using an online platform for learning (thx Master's program), or maybe it was because I also had a need to have something to help me manage digital work as I taught high school students while trying to infuse new web 2.0 tools and these new tools called iPad Mini's and Chromebooks into my teaching. But there you were....Canvas. You were free. You were open. You were simple. You were modern. You were fresh. You were new. Everything I love about love. 


Your simplicity was exotic. The ease of integration was enticing. I could embed anything into any page, assignment, or discussion. When I needed to include video, it was like, poof , click the video button. When I wanted to provide feedback to students, bam , here's speedgrader and even on the iPad. It was a dream. You were a dream, but you were real. You were a real dream come true. 


I recall crafting this poem as I wrapped up my Master's program of studies. I believe you were an instrumental part of why I am still loving the work I do today. 


“There once was a boy from out West. Who thought he knew the layout the best. He worked very hard and tried to revise. He even stayed late with long, tired eyes. But caught in a rut, he started to feel, he found an avenue that had an appeal! He learned how to code and to properly assess, using nifty tech tools and a little more sweat. He designed and created, collaborated much, then nearing the end he reflected a bunch, “Boy, how I’ve changed in the wink of an eye. I’ve regained my momentum to learn and apply the great many skills and knowledge I’ve gained; in my own teaching, I hope I sustain.” As he sits in his chair contemplating his lessons, he thinks that he teaches because, he confesses, He loves what he does and he does what he loves. And that’s the stuff his teaching’s made of.”


I love what you do each and every day! Stay cool Canvas. 



Brad Moser (Canvas use before it was cool...well...I guess it's always been cool. )


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